OCCC presents GED Survivor: Math this summer!

The goal is to have fun, survive GED math, and pass a test or two. Register today – you can join any time this summer. 

Registration details are found below. For more information, call 541-867-8535.

GED & Adult General Education Classes

These classes are designed to help with the general education of adult learners (aged 16 and up) who want to prepare for the GED Test or improve skills for current or future employment, enrollment in further education, and/or other personal reasons. Adults who want to gain confidence in the workplace by brushing up or improving their writing or math skills also benefit from these classes. Class sizes are small, and caring instructors are committed to helping students achieve their academic goals. Reading, writing, math, critical thinking, and general academic development are addressed in multi-skill, supportive classrooms.  Teens aged 16 and 17 with mature behavior may attend GED classes.

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Class Schedule


GED® & Adult Basic Skills class will be held online, beginning June 22. The class will be taught by several OCCC GED® instructors using Canvas, Zoom, and other on-line resources. For Summer 2020, we will be focusing on GED® Math during the scheduled class times.   

“What if I don’t need Math?” … Although our GED® Lab will be mostly focused on Math, you may ask any GED questions there.

GED® Class and Lab Schedule






Day Class

1-2:30 pm


1-2:30 pm


Night Class


5:30 – 7 pm


5:30 – 7 pm

GED® Math Lab


9-10:30 am


9-10:30 am



For more information about GED/Adult General Education Classes and Orientations, please contact:

Megan Miller-Morgan | Newport Daytime Info
GED/Adult General Ed Instructor – Newport Days (541) 867-8597 megan.miller-morgan@oregoncoast.edu

Patricia DiGiulio | Newport Evening & Independent Study Info
GED/Adult General Ed Instructor – Newport Evenings (541) 867-8557 pdigiulio@oregoncoast.edu

Brandye Rawles | Spanish Language Program in Newport Info
GED/Adult General Ed Instructor, Spanish Language – Spanish language Newport evening class brandye.rawles@oregoncoast.edu

Julie Reynolds-Otrugman | Lincoln City Program Info
GED/Adult General Ed Instructor – Lincoln City Mornings & Evenings jotrugman@oregoncoast.edu

OCCC Office of Academics & Workforce | General Information
Administrative Assistant, Office of Academics & Workforce (541) 867-8541 officeofinstruction@oregoncoast.edu

For GED Testing Information call the testing office at (541) 867-8505.

Click here for information about ESOL classes

GED y Clases de Educación General para Adultos

Estas clases están diseñadas para ayudar con la educación general de los alumnos adultos (de 16 años en adelante) que deseen prepararse para el examen del GED o mejorar sus habilidades para el empleo actual o futuro, la inscripción en educación superior y/u otras razones personales. Los adultos que deseen ganar confianza en el lugar de trabajo al mejorar sus habilidades de escritura o matemáticas también se benefician de estas clases. El tamaño de las clases es pequeño, y los instructores se comprometen a ayudar a los estudiantes a alcanzar sus metas académicas. Lectura, escritura, matemáticas, pensamiento crítico y el desarrollo académico general se abordan en aulas con múltiples habilidades y apoyo. Los estudiantes de 16 y 17 años con comportamiento maduro pueden asistir a clases de GED.


Para obtener más información acerca de las clases y orientaciones de GED, por favor contacte:

Megan Miller-Morgan | Información de clase por el día para Newport
GED/Instructor de educación general para adultos – Dias de Newport (541) 867-8597 megan.miller-morgan@oregoncoast.edu

Patricia DiGiulio | Clase nocturna e información de estudio independiente para Newport
GED/Instructor de educación general para adultos – Noches de Newport (541) 867-8557 pdigiulio@oregoncoast.edu

Brandye Rawles | Programa de idioma español en Newport Information
GED/Instructor de educación general para adultos – Clase de español en la noche en Newport brandye.rawles@oregoncoast.edu

Julie Reynolds-Otrugman | Información del programa de Lincoln City
GED/Instructor de educación general para adultos – Mañanas y Noches de Lincoln City jotrugman@oregoncoast.edu

Oficina de Académicos y Personel | Información general
Ayudante Administrativo, Oficina de Académicos y Personel (541) 867-8541 officeofinstruction@oregoncoast.edu  

Para obtener información sobre las pruebas de GED, visite esta página o llame a la oficina de pruebas al (541) 867-8505.

Haga clic aquí para obtener información sobre las clases de ESOL, que ahora se ofrecen en Newport y Lincoln City.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for GED classes?

You can register as an OCCC student and register for GED courses through MyOCCC, or view the course schedule for class times through the online course schedule. You can also register in person when you come in to be oriented into the program, when either the Basic Skills assistant or one of the instructors will walk you through the registration process.

How do I get my GED transcript and/or certificate?

OCCC offers GED classes and is a registered GED testing center, however, all transcripts and certificates related to GED are administered through GED.com. To get a copy of these documents visit GED.com/life_after_ged.

What is the cost of GED classes?

The cost of GED classes is a flat fee of $20 for each term. This can be paid online via credit or debit card, or paid in cash to student services or the Basic Skills assistant.

Why do I have to attend orientation?

The orientation process is comprised of a registration (if you haven’t already registered online) and placement testing. The placement testing lets your teacher know at what level you are starting in each of the test areas (Reading and Writing, Math, Science, and Social Science). The length of orientation depends on the student and what needs to be done. We are flexible when it comes to when orientation takes place, but once complete you may join any of our GED classes.

I missed the required orientation in the first week of the term. May I attend orientation and enter the class later in the term?

Yes. An orientation can be scheduled at any time by contacting either the Basic Skills assistant or the Associate Dean of Academics and Workforce.

I’m working with an agency who will be paying for my GED Class. What is the process?

Agencies should initiate the billing process for class payments by first providing a voucher or an intent-to-pay document to Sharon Hahn, Oregon Coast Community College, 400 SE College Way, Newport, OR.  For more info about agency payments, please call (541) 867-8504.

May I alternate between attending GED day classes and night classes?

This can be done in Lincoln City GED Classes (because the same instructor teaches both day and night classes) but not in Newport (because there are different GED instructors for the day and night class).

Are there grades or homework for GED classes?

Because GED classes are non-credit, there are no grades.  Homework is sometimes given as extra practice (and can be very helpful to making faster progress) but not graded by the instructor.

May teens attend GED classes?

Both 16- and 17-year-olds may attend OCCC’s GED classes with approval/documentation from Linn-Benton-Lincoln County Educational Service District’s Home School-GED Options Program. You will find more information at this website.

Do you have online GED classes?

We do not offer online GED classes but do have some options for students who cannot regularly attend class. Call Patricia DiGiulio at (541) 867-8557 for more information.

How long will it take me to get my GED?

This depends on what skill set you have when you enter class, as well as how much time you can devote to your studies outside of class.  The average time is 6 months to one year. Some students finish sooner and some need more time. After your assessments at orientation, you will be given an estimate of how long it will take you to complete the GED Test.

I already have a high school diploma or GED but need to brush up on writing, math, and other basic skills. May I attend GED classes to brush up on basics so that I can place into college-credit classes, improve my workplace skills, and/or help my kids or teens with homework?

Absolutely, yes. We serve not only GED-seeking learners but also adults who need to brush up and/or improve skills for a variety for reasons. Orientation is still necessary.

I have to stop classes for a few weeks due to an emergency, family commitments, or a health issue. Can I rejoin the class?

As long as you communicate with your instructor, in most cases, you will be able to resume classes.

I am unable to pay for the GED Test. Is there financial assistance to pay for the test? 

Yes, there is financial assistance to pay for the real GED Test. There are 3 requirements: 1) Regular class attendance. 2) Economic hardship/financial need.  3) Successful passing of all 4 sections (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies) of the “GED Ready” Official Practice Tests.


For information on testing please visit GED Testing.

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