Community College Survey of Student Engagement

The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) helps OCCC focus on good educational practices and identify areas in which the College may improve the programs and services it offers students.

The survey is offered in the spring term primarily to returning students and the questions are focused on student behavior and institutional practices that are correlated with student learning and retention. This survey is used as a tool that OCCC can use to inform decisions toward institutional improvements. Similar to the SENSE survey, the data is compared with other Community College students around the nation, or students in Oregon.

Example questions are:

4a. Asked questions in class or contributed to class discussions

4g. Came to class without completing readings or assignments

Key findings for the OCCC Spring 2011 and Spring 2014 surveys are below. The OCCC student data is relative to all the students in the nation that took the survey the same term, and also the top performing schools.

Spring 2011 survey

Spring 2014 survey