Oregon Coast Community College currently offers a series of welding certificates which, upon completion, qualify students to take the welding certification test offered by Port of Toledo. These classes are for those considering a possible career in welding. For those interested in welding as a hobby, keep an eye on OCCC’s community education offerings for future hobby welding classes.

The Port of Toledo and OCCC Maritime Welding Training Center is a 2,000-sq-ft facility next to the Port of Toledo Shipyard on the Yaquina River, where students from Toledo High School and the surrounding area advance in the art and craft of welding.

The newly remodeled Welding Lab at Taft 7-12 provides opportunities for high school and adult learners to take courses that also prepare students for employment in the industrial and maritime sectors.

The Port of Toledo provides the infrastructure to support shipbuilding, repair, conversion, and complex industrial fabrication by the region’s thriving maritime service industry.  OCCC is Lincoln County’s unrivaled educational entry point to training, skills-building and opportunity, and is widely recognized for the excellence of its programs. Together, The Port of Toledo, LCSD, Northwest Oregon Works and the College offer students hands-on education under the expert guidance of highly experienced and student-centered faculty.



These courses fall under the Industrial Technology – Welding program.

 Starting Fall 2021 Welding will be available in 12-credit certificate modules which can then be combined into a larger 48-credit overall certificate. More details to come soon.

Classes are held at:

Taft High School
3780 SE Spy Glass Ridge Dr
Lincoln City, OR 97367

Port of Toledo Maritime Welding Training Center
625 N Bay Blvd
Toledo, OR 97391

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and general course fees are the same as any course and can be found here: Tuition and Fees

Additional course fees will be listed soon. Students should be aware that they will need to purchase additional equipment such as a welding jacket, boots, and gloves.

Available Seats & Wait List

The enrollment cap of the welding courses are limited by the number of available welding bays at each location. This cap is currently approximately 20 students, though OCCC and Taft High School are looking at ways to expand the number of welding bays in the future. Half of these seats go to current Taft High School students, through our partnership with the high school, and the remaining 10 are available for our community members.

Given the high interest in our welding courses, there is currently a wait list. To add your name to the wait list, sign up here: Welding Information Form.

OCCC will go through the wait list every November/December to build the cohort for the next series of classes. If you do not hear from us by the end of December, then we did not reach your name on our wait list. However, the wait list is rolled year to year, so you may receive a call the following year, if you are still interested.


For more information about the launch of OCCC’s welding courses, click here.


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