Updated 15 Sep 2021

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The OCCC Library will be checking out iClickers for classroom use beginning in Fall term!  Students, check out the Getting Started resources below to see how to use them!

In Class

Student Guide: iClicker Focus

Exciting News!!!  OCCC Library now has Mango Languages for our library card-holders!  If you’re interested in supplementing your language studies, or learning a new language on your own, click on the Mango picture, or HERE!!!



Library Spaces & Services During the Term:

OCCC Library Mon – Fri 8:00a – 5:00p

Study Rooms Mon – Fri 8:00a – 5:00p

If you need a Chromebook, laptop, calculator, or camera please email the library to get more information and to reserve them. library.services@oregoncoast.edu

Kanopy for Faculty and Students:
Faculty and Students are welcome to use our new streaming video, Kanopy.  For passwords and more information, contact Library Services at library.services@oregoncoast.edu


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Apply for a Library Card

Library Cards

With this form, you can apply for your card to the Chinook Library Network, which includes Oregon Coast Community College’s collection, as well as those of:

  • Clatsop Community College Library
  • Tillamook Bay Community College Library
  • Siletz Public Library
  • Toledo Public Library
  • Waldport Public Library

OCCC Library cards may be obtained by completing this Library Card Application. Hard copy application forms may be picked up at the Circulation Office off the Commons in the Central Campus, Newport.

Member cardholders are allowed to use the card for borrowing purposes at any of the above-named libraries. Library cards are available free of charge.

OCCC books check out for a two-week loan period, while OCCC audiovisual materials check out for a one-week loan period. Other Chinook libraries may have different length checkout periods. Please respect each library’s due dates.

Privacy & Confidentiality: The Library gathers the patron’s name, address, phone number and email address for the purposes of circulating library materials.  Library card applications are kept in a locked file cabinet, within a locked room accessible only to library staff personnel. Only library staff have access to the applications, and only will access them when an address or telephone number needs to be verified.  Library card applications and patron accounts are purged when the library patron no longer wants a library account.  Cancellation requires a written notice to the Librarian, along with a valid federal or state photo ID.

OCCC Library | 3 Apr 2017, Updated 25 June 20.

Make a Purchase Suggestion

Make a Purchase Suggestion

Privacy & Confidentiality:

The Library gathers the patron’s name, phone number, and email address for the purpose of checking back with the patron should we have more questions, or to let the patron know whether the purchase was made and when it will be available for check-out.  Only the Librarian has access to the suggestion forms, and will delete them when the purchase has been received.

Planning for Library and Information Literacy resources is guided by feedback from our users, including faculty, staff, students, and the local community.  Please use this form to suggest a resource.

Request an InterLibrary Loan

Request and InterLibrary Loan

The OCCC Library offers free InterLibrary loan services to students, faculty and staff.  Articles, books, DVDs, and more may be requested.  Requested materials may be picked up at the OCCC Central Campus in Newport, or at the North Center in Lincoln City by special request.

Privacy & Confidentiality: The Library gathers the patron’s name, phone number,and email address for the purpose of requesting library materials from another library.  Paper requests are kept in a locked file cabinet, within a locked room accessible only to library staff personnel. Only library staff have access to the requests, and only will access them to notify the patron that the requested item is available.  Paper requests are purged when the the item has been successfully returned to the lending library.  Electronic requests are stored on a staff computer within a locked room accessible only to library staff personnel.  Electronic requests are deleted once the materials have been returned to the lending library, or when an article has successfully reached the patron.

For more information about InterLibrary Loans, see the “Access to and Use of Library Services Policy.”

Item Request Forms

How to Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us in these ways:

  • In person at the Library Services Window at the Central County Campus, 400 SE College Way, Newport, OR  97366.
  • By email at library.services@oregoncoast.edu
  • By phone at (541) 867-8526
  • By using the Ask a Librarian form, at the top of the page
  • If you would like to set up a Zoom appointment please let us know– we are happy to provide live assistance via Zoom!

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