OCCC Physical Science Department

OCCC’s Physical Science Department welcomes you! Whether you need science courses for your general education requirements or you plan to major in science, we have course options for you.

We offer students courses in geology, chemistry, environmental science, and general science. Below is a list of courses that we regularly offer. Feel free to speak with our faculty if you have questions about a specific class, and make sure to speak with your academic advisor to determine which courses best support your academic goals.

CH 151 – Preparatory Chemistry

CH 221 – General Chemistry 1 (planned for 2021-2022)

CH 222 – General Chemistry 2 (planned for 2021-2022)

CH 223 – General Chemistry 3 (planned for 2021-2022)

ESR 171 – Environmental Science: Biological Perspective

ESR 173 – Environmental Science: Geological Perspective

G 201 – Earth Materials and Tectonics

G 202 – Earth Surface Processes

G 203 – Evolution of Planet Earth

G 207 – Geology of the Pacific Northwest

G 208 – Volcanoes and Their Activity

G 298 – Geology Independent Study

GS 106 – Physical Science (Geology)

GS 108 – Physical Science (Oceanography)


Where will OCCC take you?

Meet Haley Dean, and learn about her NASA-funded project to find and study micrometeorites on the Oregon Coast. Filmed in 2020.