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Tapping into all the resources you qualify for can make a big difference –STEP can help! By accessing these benefits to support yourself or your family, you are not taking away resources from another student or family.

The program is designed to respond to the needs of all who qualify.  If you are completing your GED® tests, building your English skills, or pursuing a career focused program, the STEP program has added support and resources to help.  

Utilizing all the resources and support available to you can increase your chances of completing college and starting a career that offers economic success.

What is STEP? What services does OCCC provide?

STEP is the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Training & Employment Program) is a program offered throughout Oregon and here at Oregon Coast Community College for individuals receiving SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits who are interested in pursuing employment and training opportunities closely matched with a job. 

OCCC provides assistance navigating scholastic opportunities, and some financial and transportation assistance for eligible students. 

STEP Eligibility

Are you eligible for STEP?

SNAP eligibility has been expanded for college students! If you meet the income guidelines, you can qualify when you’re enrolled in a college training or undergraduate program that leads to employment. (Discuss with your  DHS worker what job you intend to get when you complete your education pathway.) You may no longer need to meet the work requirements to qualify for and maintain SNAP benefits.

  • You must be currently receiving SNAP benefits of any amount. Not sure if you are? Click here.
  • TANF recipients are not eligible. If your TANF benefits are ending soon, please contact us.
  • You must update or create a new iMatchSkills account.
  • You must be interested in pursuing training, job search, and/or education opportunities.
  • You must be currently attending Oregon Coast Community College.

How do I enroll in the STEP program?

Contact OCCC’s STEP Advisor, Tracy Jones, at, or by calling 541-867-8544.

SNAP Eligibility

Do you qualify for SNAP benefits?

You will need to:

  • Meet the income guidelines
  • Be enrolled in a college training or undergraduate program that leads to employment, or meet other eligibility criteria

Apply for SNAP benefits

What Expenses Does STEP Cover

What can STEP pay for?

  • Internet access.
  • Cell phone service.
  • Rent, mortgage payments & household bills.
  • Tuition and fees.
  • Textbooks and laptops.
  • Clothing for interviews or for training and employment purposes.
  • Personal hygiene products.
  • Bus passes or gas vouchers.
  • Auto insurance and repairs.
  • Fees, equipment, or supplies for STEP-related activities.

What does STEP not pay for?

  • Previous student loans.
  • Legal fees.
  • Childcare expenses.
  • Medical bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is STEP money a type of loan?

STEP money is not a loan and doesn’t need to be paid back.

What are our students saying about the STEP program?

“I know so many of us are constantly worried about money while we are in school, and the STEP program helped me worry about that a lot less.” —Alyssa, Nursing

“Being a student in the STEP program has given me peace of mind. The generous amount of support for bills, gas, and a working computer has let me focus on my school work without added stress.” —Yvonne, Business

“The STEP program has been life-changing for me and my family.” —Ashlee, Early Childhood Education