Oregon Coast Community College is here to serve Lincoln County’s students and the community. Students can complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree at Oregon Coast, earn an associate degree, take courses to obtain employment, prepare to start a small business, earn a GED, learn English as a second language, or take courses for personal enrichment. Students may explore career ideas, retrain or update job skills, pursue a personal interest, or broaden horizons. Students may attend full and part-time. Oregon Coast offers credit and non-credit courses at its centers in Lincoln City, Newport and Waldport, and a variety of other locations throughout the county. Students may also take courses online.

Who Are Oregon Coast Students?

Oregon Coast students are of all ages, from recent high school graduates to retirees. Students attend Oregon Coast for a variety of reasons: to update employment skills, to obtain an associate degree, to prepare for transfer to a bachelor’s degree program, to gain or refresh basic academic skills, or pursue personal cultural enrichment. Some attend credit classes full-time or part time, while others take one or several non-credit classes. Many students combine school and work. Nearly 1,500 students attend the College every year.

Who Are Oregon Coast Faculty?

Oregon Coast has over 40 credit faculty members. Faculty who teach credit courses have master’s degrees and many have doctorates. Faculty teaching professional/technical courses have solid knowledge of their fields through a combination of education and career experiences. Many faculty work in career areas directly related to the courses they teach.

What Does Oregon Coast Offer?

The College offers the following programs and services:

Transfer/Lower Division Education

Courses and programs paralleling freshman and sophomore course work at colleges and universities for those who seek a baccalaureate degree.

* The Oregon Transfer Module (OTM) and the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree are designed for students who plan to transfer to a four year college or university. Many students taking professional/ technical courses also enroll in transfer courses. High school students with appropriate preparation can earn college credit and get a head-start on college. Students who plan to transfer should consult the four year institution where they plan to transfer for specific transfer requirements.
* The Associate of Science Oregon Transfer/Business (ASOT/Business) degree provides students a degree with the option for transfer to baccalaureate programs in business. This degree enables students to register as juniors at Oregon’s public universities. However, completing this degree does not guarantee admission to any baccalaureate business program.

Professional / Technical Education

Associate degree and certificate programs for those who seek employment in business, industry, or in government service as technicians or skilled workers.

* Associate of Applied Science degrees in Aquarium Science and Nursing (beginning Fall term 2006).
* Aquarium Science certificate for individuals with bachelor’s or higher degrees in life science who desire a career in the care of aquatic animals.
* Students may also take courses applicable to several additional Associate of Applied Science degrees, with degree completion at Chemeketa Community College in Salem.

General Studies

* The Associate of General Studies is a combination of professional/technical and transfer credit courses with a core of general education. This degree works well for non-transfer students desiring an associate degree.

Distance Education

* Distance Education opportunities allow students to take a variety of courses via computer or videotape. Oregon Coast is a leader in hosting and providing distance education courses to the world.

Lifelong Learning

* Lifelong learning is encouraged. Credit and non-credit classes are offered to improve academic knowledge and vocational skills, to train for new employment, or pursue personal enrichment. Courses are also available to help improve writing and mathematics skills and broaden knowledge of communications, arts and letters, sciences, and social sciences.

Basic Skills

* Basic Skills courses are for students who want to gain basic reading, writing, mathematics, study and life skills, earn a GED, or learn English. Courses are offered at a variety of times and locations.

Continuing and Community Education

* Learning opportunities in a variety of non-credit courses, at times and places convenient to adult students. {More.}

Small Business Development

* Provides services to help emerging small businesses succeed and existing businesses to thrive in Lincoln County. {More.}

Community Services

* Supports community activities which are educational or learner-oriented in the broadest sense. {More.}

Accreditation Status of OCCC Programs and Services

Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC) delivers college credit instruction, certificates and degrees through its Educational Services Agreement with Portland Community College (PCC). PCC is accredited through the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). The NWCCU is a regional post-secondary accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Credits, certificates and degrees earned at OCCC appear on PCC transcripts and are transferable to other institutions, subject to the specific policies of the receiving institutions. See this page for more information about our progress towards independent accreditation.


The College delivers services at its Central County Campus in Newport, and in centers in Waldport and Lincoln City. See this page to learn more.


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