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Oregon Coast Community College: Multiple Measures Placement Process

What you need to know

OCCC’s placement process recognizes the success, rigor, and accuracy of high school courses and grades. As a result, we are including high school grades in our placement process.

OCCC’s Placement Process Philosophy
  • Understanding that the use of placement testing alone has not been accurately placing students.
  • Acknowledging that under-placement is a barrier to student success and completion.
  • Developing a process grounded in research and best-practice.
  • Creating an equitable and inclusive process.
Multiple Measures Conversation

The placement process at OCCC starts with an initial advising appointment to discuss academic and career goals. The academic advisor uses the following information to place students:

  • Cumulative High School GPA as well as specific grades in writing and math courses.
  • Smarter Balanced Scores (high school proficiency).
  • SAT/ACT scores.
  • GED scores.
  • Transcripts from previous colleges or universities.
  • Past work or academic experience.
  • Placement documents created by writing faculty.
  • Placement documents created by math faculty.
  • Referrals to Math and Writing faculty If additional assessment is needed.

Multiple Measures Workflow Diagram