Winter 2023 Community Education Lineup

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Beginning Crochet 

This is a class for beginning crocheters and those who want to refresh their basic skills. You will learn to work basic stitches, including chain, single crochet, double crochet, and treble crochet. These stitches will be combined to create more complex stitches worked in back-and-forth rows and in circular rounds. You will learn to read and follow crocheting patterns to make hats, bags, and other hems. The class will include information on choosing materials. Students that attend should gather materials before the first class. You should get a crochet hook (size E, F, G, or H equivalent to 3.50 to 5.00 mm) and plain, medium- weight yarn (“worsted”–#4 on the label, or “sport” — #3 on the label). Any fiber will be okay (wool, acrylic, cotton, etc.) as long as the yarn is a light, solid color, and it is smooth but not slippery.

THURS., FEB. 2–FEB. 16 | 5:30–7:30 PM | $45  | LINCOLN CITY 
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Electricity for Homeowners 

In this class, participants will learn basic electrical theory, residential electrical service, wiring methods, and more. The class will explore trouble-shooting methods and repair strategies, and will discuss national electrical codes, permits, and inspections. Other topics to be covered include low-voltage wiring, hands-on installation of receptacles, lighting outlets, and switches (time permitting). Each of the 12 participants will receive their own multimeter.

WED., FEB. 22 | 5–7:30 PM | $40 | NEWPORT 
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Geology of Oregon 

This course is designed around the geology of the nine geophysical provinces of Oregon as described in relation to the broad regional geology of the Pacific Northwest. The objective is to familiarize participants with the terms and general geologic concepts, including rock type, plate tectonics, volcanology, paleontology, the concept of geologic time, and the geomorphology of our beautiful state. (Margery Price photo)

WED., JAN. 18–MARCH 22 | 6–8 PM | $75 | NEWPORT 
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Irish Dancing for Adults 

If you love music and dance, but aren’t a spring chicken, this is for you. Folks in Ireland are cradle-to-grave dancers, and there’s something for everyone! From ceili to set, sean-nós to old-style step, Irish dancing involves a lot more than the high-intensity competitive style everyone is familiar with from Riverdance. This class is for adults who love dance and love music, but might not have the knees, ankles, and stamina of a 14-year-old. No high kicks, no jumping about, all low-impact, I promise! A sense of rhythm and some background in dance, gymnastics, ice skating, etc. (anything where you had to string some movements together) will be helpful, but not necessary. Any kind of flat, well-fitting shoe like an Oxford is fine. 

MON, JAN. 23 – MAR. 20 | 5:30 – 6:30 PM | $80 | NO CLASS FEB. 20 | LINCOLN CITY  
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Public Speaking: The Toast and the Eulogy 

Learn to elevate your speaking and overcome your fear in this six-week class.  All is this six-week period you will learn to be more comfortable with public speaking and to be ready for the two most important speeches that you may have to deliver sometime in your life: The Toast and the Eulogy. 

THURS., FEB. 9–MARCH 16 | 5:30–6:30 PM | $45 | LINCOLN CITY  
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Guitar with Richard Paris 

Beginning and intermediate students will receive group instruction as well as one-on-one instruction at times, according to musical interests and level of ability. This method keeps students interested, which is key to maintain motivation. For nearly a decade, students have returned to Richard’s class over and over. “It’s the best hour of my week,” said Danny Curler, a student in Paris’ Fall Term session. Class size limited to 12.  

THURS., JAN. 19–MARCH 23 | 6–8 PM | $75 | LINCOLN CITY 
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Sit Like a Mountain, Flow Like a River 

Zazen: Find it, do it, live it.   

How is Zazen meditation done? If focuses on posture: open shoulders, upright spine, soft belly and on the ground (in a chair if you choose, or bring a cushion if you prefer).  

THIS IS A 3-SESSION CLASS: MON., FEB. 6 | WED., FEB. 8 | MON., FEB. 13 • 5:30 – 7 PM | $35 | NEWPORT 
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Creating Your own Garden Design 

Are you new to the coast? Do you have areas in your garden or yard that need help? Not sure what plant to put in one particular spot? Most yards have several “micro climates” here along the coast. We are blessed with fog, plenty of rain, dry spells, occasional freezes, wind, and often sandy soil. These factors and many others can have you wondering what to grow – and where.   Come join Master Gardeners Cathi Block and Mary Jane Bonelitz as we work with the class to find answers to your questions and get that garden planted!    The first class will be a discussion about the challenges one faces with a garden on the Oregon Coast and that you face in your own unique garden.  The next week, we will work to help each class participant design the garden of your dreams, given the unique challenges of your own space.  You will leave with a plan for a garden or section of garden designed just for you.  This will be a two-part series with homework. 

WED., FEB. 15 & 22 | 10 – NOON | $50 | LINCOLN CITY
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Introductory Gyotaku  

Gyotaku is the Japanese art of fish printing.  At its core, Gyotaku uses the actual fish to achieve a detailed image of the specimen.   During this introductory two-hour session, students will gain an appreciation of the art’s history, print a variety of fish species, and learn techniques to paint fish eyes.  This workshop is technique-driven and focuses on refining each print through critiquing and reviewing each print.  Participants should come with a spirit of adventure and anticipation.  Spaces are limited to ensure ample instruction and feedback for each student. Materials fees reflect costs and time of actually harvesting specimens locally.  

WED., FEB. 8 | 5:30–7:30 PM | $20 Plus $30 MATERIALS FEE | LINCOLN CITY 
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WED., FEB. 15 | 5:30–7:30 PM | $20 Plus $30 MATERIALS FEE | NEWPORT  
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Argentine Tango 

Learn and practice Argentine Tango.  Argentine Tango is a social dance enjoyed by people all over the world. Let this course transport you from our cold, often wet winter nights, all the way to sunny Argentina. Eight two-hour classes. No partner required.  

THURS., JAN. 12–MARCH 2 | 5:30–7:30 PM | $75 | NEWPORT 
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General Drawing Skills 

New or returning to drawing and art making? This course will help facilitate fundamental drawing skills that can be used to have fun, make fine art drawings, and to prep work for painting projects. Participants will learn about tone, perspective, basic design and composition, as well drawing from life.  Recommended tools: a basic drawing kit, ruler and a pad of drawing paper is a good idea. A #2 pencil and printer paper will work too. 

SAT., FEB. 25–MARCH 25 | 10:30 AM –12:30 PM | $50 | WALDPORT  
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Beginning Ceramics 

Ready to get your hands dirty? Join this general introduction to fundamental ceramic skills and clay experience, all designed to foster artistic growth. Students will learn techniques for hand-building without the use of the potter’s wheel. Topics include methods of pinch, coil, and slab construction, applying glaze, and an introduction to loading and firing an electric kiln.  Two classes per week for four weeks, eight sessions total. Students may have additional studio time within our regular business hours or on Tuesday nights from 5pm-9pm, for the duration of the course. Class is held at the Lincoln City Cultural Center. Students purchase their own clay and tools at a cost of $35, on the first day of class. 

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Digital Photography: The Basics 

Learn about the use of the mode dial, and the different menus. Learn the meaning of the camera icons and how to use them properly to take different types of photos. Learn how to transfer photographs to a computer. Learn basic photo composition and creative uses of a digital camera for taking portraits, landscapes, wildlife photography, documentation of current events and much more. Weather permitting, participants can practice these techniques at an optional Saturday field trip.  

THURSDAYS, FEB. 9–23 & SAT., FEB. 18 | 5:30–7:30 PM | $50 | LINCOLN CITY  
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Digital Photography: Beyond the Basics 

Learn about the use of the mode dial, and dig even deeper into the different menus similar to those used by many major camera makers. Learn the meaning of the camera icons and how to use them properly to take different types of photos. Review different examples of photographic composition and the types of creative uses of a digital camera for taking portraits, landscapes, wildlife photography, documentation of current events and much more. Weather permitting, participants can practice these techniques at an optional Saturday field trip.  

THURSDAYS, MARCH 2–16 & SAT. MARCH 11 | 5:30–7:30 PM | $50 | LINCOLN CITY  
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Astrology 101 

Astrology 101 is a course designed to offer participants a clear path to understanding, reading, and interpreting, the Western Astrological Chart. Astrology is the most popular metaphysical science of the day and helps students gain greater knowledge and understanding of themselves, and those around them.   Upon completing the course, students will be able to identify and weave together the four components that make up a chart – Planets, Signs, Houses, and Aspects.

TUES., FEB. 7–MARCH 14 | 10–11:30 AM | $40 |  MATERIALS FEE $25  |  LINCOLN CITY  
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Tarot Reading  

Tarot is an ancient form of symbolism via cartomancy that dates back to the 15th Century in Italy. The word tarot originated from a word meaning “fool” or “foolishness,” as all cards during that time in history were associated with gambling. In this class, participants will learn the division of the cards between Major and Minor Arcanas, the Astrological associations of the cards, especially the Major Arcana, and some easy, simple spreads to get you started. Tarot is to be used as a tool and gateway into the intuitive power of the mind. “I’ll teach the class how to develop and use their natural psychic abilities to ‘read’ the cards,” said instructor Laura Ramsey. The class will get to “read” for each other for a fun, practical application of the concepts taught. Students are encouraged to bring Tarot cards of their choosing to the class.  

TUES., FEB. 7–MARCH 14 | 12:30–1:30 PM | $30 |  LINCOLN CITY  
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Oil Painting Using the Wet-on-Wet Method 

Learn how to paint an oil painting (left, by Georgina Nielsen) using the wet-on-wet method. This method begins with painting the entire canvas with a light coat of oil paint for an easy blending technique. Learn how easy it is to blend and detail as you go, even if you currently do not have any drawing capabilities. 

THURS., JAN. 19–FEB. 16 | 3–5 PM | $75 | $30 MATERIALS FEE  | WALDPORT 
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Legacy Planning 

Legacy planning means something different to each person. It should not be left for “someday” where it could end up creating tension and heartbreak. Richard O’Hearn, a local financial advisor, will present on how a financial advisor can help attendees prepare for and stay organized throughout retirement and succession planning. Traci McDowall, a local attorney, will present on the difference between trusts and wills, different types of powers of attorney, and probate. Brian Norris, managing partner of a Lincoln County funeral home, will present about burial and cremation options available, pre-arrangement plans, and what a travel protection plan is. Through this workshop, attendees will learn tips for creating a plan that will fit their unique needs.  

WED., FEB. 15 & FEB. 22 | 1–3 PM | $35 | NEWPORT 
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Before the End of Life: Nuts and Bolts 

Have you updated addresses for your beneficiaries with banks and agencies? Who knows where your storage unit or lockbox are? Many folks have a will and most have a game plan in their mind – but whether they have shared these with family members or executors is often in doubt. The best deaths our instructor has seen are when the business of end-of-life matters are taken care of beforehand. Information on property decisions, material goods, executor duties, celebrations, getting your family involved with positivity, and many more topics will be covered in this open-format course. 

TUES., MARCH 14 & 21 | 5–7 PM | $30 | NEWPORT  
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THURS., MARCH 16 & 23 | 5–7 PM | $30 | WALDPORT
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Fundamentals of Mindfulness 

Presents concepts and skills of engaged mindfulness. Explores the practical skills of mindfulness. The training includes practicing seated, walking, and standing meditation, body scanning, and stretching or yoga activities. Includes group discussion of the activities and hand-out materials. The course also features on-site personal consultation with the instructor. It is based on the foundations of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program created by Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979.  Upon successfully completing this course, students will have learned how to apply mindfulness in all areas of daily living. The benefits of a regular mindfulness practice include: 

  • Affect tolerance (less stress, worry, and anger) 
  • Equanimity 
  • Better concentration and mental clarity 
  • Happier relationships 
  • Improved coping & personal health management

TUES., JAN. 10–31 | 6–7:30 PM | $75  | NEWPORT  
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An exciting tile game that came to the United States in the 1920s, Mahjongg is played by four players, each striving independently to create a successful hand from 152 tiles. The class will be taught to National Mahjongg League standards. After a couple of classes, participants will be learning as they play. Class size limited to eight. 

TUES., JAN. 10–FEB. 14 | 1–3 PM | $60 | MATERIALS FEE $20 | NEWPORT  
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Creativity Boot Camp 

Do you ever say to yourself: “I wish I were more creative”? Creativity is a learnable skill, and amping up your creative thinking skillset can help you better problem-solve at work and at home. Embark on a creative journey with The Creativity Boot Camp, a short two-hour class designed to give you the tools you need to enter a more creative mindset.  In this class, you learn what creativity is, and what foundational skills and experiences you’ll need to grow your own creativity. You’ll learn practical tools and exercises to train your mind to think more creatively, both at work and in your own creative endeavors. Attendees will come away with a set or information sheets and worksheets to continue their creative journey. 

WED., MARCH 1 | 5:30 – 7:30 PM | $45 | LINCOLN CITY 
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THURS., MARCH 2 | 5:30 – 7:30 PM | $45 | WALDPORT  
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Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

Ever wanted to know how to make chocolate-covered strawberries, considered to be one of the most elegant and romantic desserts?   A big secret is that this delicacy is actually easy to make once you know the secrets behind it—and, perhaps best of all, you don’t need to know how to cook to make top-notch chocolate-covered goodies.   While the class will focus on strawberries, class members will be welcome to bring a small assortment of other food items to turn into delectable desserts—pretzels, gummy bears, dried fruits, etc. Conveniently, this course is offered just one week before Valentine’s Day. (You’re welcome.)

TUES., FEB. 7 | 6-7:30 PM | $25 | MATERIALS FEE $10 | NEWPORT 
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Real Estate Broker’s License Prep 

Have you tried studying independently (and alone) for your Real Estate Broker’s License test? All too often, independent study grinds on for months and months longer than you planned. This class is designed to keep you and your classmates on track, week in and week out, as you work as a group and independently towards preparing to successfully take your Real Estate Broker License test. There are cheaper independent-study programs available, but this course proves the reliable axiom that one gets what one pays for. The first class will start Thursday, Jan. 12 and will meet each Thursday night from 5:30-8:30 for 10 weeks. March 16 will be the last Thursday class, and there will be one Saturday class – a final pre-exam prep opportunity – on March 18 from 9-5. 

5:30–8:30 PM | $600  
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Real Estate Property Manager Course 

This course introduces the Oregon real estate property manager to licensing laws and rules including statutes within ORS696 pertaining to property management and OAR863. The course is designed to get you prepared to take the State of Oregon Property Manager License Exam. This is the fastest way to qualify to take the exam, which covers the role of property managers, tenant relations, fair housing, lease agreements and more. You must attend all evening class sessions and have online capacity to complete the self-study portion of this course. Students who pass this course are prepared to take the proctored Oregon Property Manager License exam, which is a required step to becoming a licensed property manager through the State or Oregon. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to describe real estate laws and rules that protect the Oregon consumer in need of services provided by a licensed property manager. For additional information call 503-551-4467. All materials provided.

TUES., JAN. 24–MARCH 7 | 6–8 PM | $550  
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Astronomy Series ($25/ea... or, buy 4, get 5th class free!)

So, You Have a Telescope. Now What? 

Did Santa leave a new (or used) telescope under the tree? Are you already worried it might be too much trouble to use?  Has it not lived up to your expectations?  Get expert advice on how to put joy and wonderment back into that new or old scope.  This course will guide you through how to use your telescope, what to look for (and where) and resources to help you enjoy the night sky. 

WED, JAN 18 | 5:30–7:30 PM | $25 
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I Can See Through My Telescope:
What’s Next?  

Getting a little bored with that old telescope?  Having a hard time convincing yourself to take it out of the closet?  Sifan will give you some of her tips for how to best use your telescope, she’ll describe some interesting objects to inspire you to keep using it, and will provide some tips and tricks for quick and hassle-free setup and use. 

WED, FEB 1 | 5:30 – 7:30 PM | $25 
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Want to See Stars?
Using Your Telescope at Night 

Learn how to take the frustration out of nighttime telescopic observing, and discover how to find out which interesting and cool celestial objects are up tonight. You’ll learn how to find them and get them within the telescope’s field of view and be comfortable and enjoy an evening’s stargazing. 

WED, FEB 15 | 5:30 – 7:30 PM | $25 
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Telescope Automation 

Tired of spending forever locating that dim nebula or galaxy?  Wish you could just push a button instead of endlessly bending down and peering up?  Join Sifan Kahale as she takes you through the basics of automating your telescope. 

WED, MAR 1 | 5:30 – 7:30 PM | $25 
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Beginning Astrophotography 

You too can take beautiful pictures of celestial objects. Learn how to attach a camera to your telescope and take great color images of the sky. Sifan will demonstrate some of the techniques and guide you on how to get started.  


WED, MAR 22 | 5:30 – 7:30 PM | $25 
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