OCCC Students

Obtaining transcripts for courses taken at OCCC

OCCC is now an independent college! This means that we are now issuing our own transcripts, however we are still building the process for formal requests. If you’ve taken courses at OCCC from Summer Term 2020 or later, please email your request to registrar@oregoncoast.edu. Please ensure that your request includes the name of the school you would like to send your transcripts to. In the subject line note ‘Request for Transcripts’. This section will be updated once a formal transcript request process is in place.

To obtain an official transcript of courses completed at OCCC prior to Summer Term 2020, students must complete a transcript request form from the contracting college OCCC was affiliated with at the time the student attended. If you attended OCCC Summer Term 2014 or later please complete the directions to request a transcript found at Portland Community College’s website here.

If you attended OCCC between Fall Term 2010 and Spring Term 2014,  please request transcripts from Clatsop Community College using Clatsop’s transcript request form. You may return the request form by fax or mail to Clatsop Community College using the contact information provided on the form. Please remember to include payment.  For unofficial transcripts go to your My.OregonCoast account. If you attended OCCC prior to Fall Term 2010, please request transcripts from Chemeketa Community College, here. Please include payment and return the request form to Chemeketa Community College by mail at the address provided on the form.

If you attended OCCC prior to June 30, 1997, please call 541-867-8501 for transcript information.

To obtain copies of GED Transcripts go to GED.com.

Receiving credit for courses taken at another institution

Official transcripts are required of all transfer students, and college credits from other institutions will be evaluated, and may be accepted toward degree requirements at OCCC. Transfer students should bring an unofficial transcript to their initial advising appointment to review any credits transferable and the current program requirements.

The process for getting an official transcript evaluation is this: 

1. Submit your official transcript in a sealed envelope to our college. 

2. Track PCC’s receipt of your transcript by logging into my.pcc.edu and clicking on the “transfer credit evaluation” link from the Home tab. This may take a couple of weeks. 

3. Once your transcript displays in this link, click “submit” to request the evaluation. Evaluations are processed in the order that requests are received. ONce your request is submitted, your transcript will disappear from this link; this means that PCC has received your request. Evaluations take between two days and two weeks to complete. 

4. When your transfer credit evaluation is complete, you will be sent an email via MyPCC. You can review your transfer credit on your unofficial transcript by clicking the “transcripts” link from the MyPCC home tab.

Send official transcripts of previous work to:

Oregon Coast Community College
ATTN: Registrar, Office of Instruction
400 SE College Way
Newport, OR 97366

If you have any questions you can call or email the Office of Instruction at 541-867-8541 or officeofinstruction@oregoncoast.edu.

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