Student Forms

Any questions or concerns regarding student records and transcripts can be sent to

    • Change of Major
    • Change of Student Information
    • Request to Withdraw from a Course (The deadline to withdraw is Saturday, October 2, 2021)
      • How to drop a course in Week One: Dropping, or unregistering from, a course the first week of the term removes the course completely from your course record (it is not trasncripted since you did not attend) and prevents tuition and fees for the course being charged to your account. Dropping a class after the first week of the term results in a grade of “W” for the course and will result in tuition and fees being charged to your account.
      • NOTE: students who do not attend class the first week of the term will be unregistered from the class the Monday following the end of the drop-add period (Monday, October 4, 2021). This is to protect the student from incurring academic penalties or financial charges, and to comply with federal financial aid guidelines.
    • Pass/No-Pass
    • Petition to Graduate
    • Preferred Name Form
      • To notify the college of your preferred name, please use the Preferred Name form located here. For all other changes to information in your student records (legal name, address, etc), please use the Change of Student Information form located here.
    • Student Directory Information Opt-out (Student)
    • Transcripts
      • The transcript page explains how to request a transcript to be sent to a school or employer, and how to request transcripts for credits earned prior to Oregon Coast Community College’s independence as of Summer 2020.


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