OCCC Vision:

Shaping the Future Through Learning.

OCCC Mission:

At Oregon Coast Community College we equip students for success by providing educational pathways and supports in response to the diverse needs of our community.  Through accessible and engaging programs and a commitment to equitable outcomes, we enrich the economic and civic vitality of Lincoln County and beyond.

Measuring Mission Completion

Throughout the College website, you’ll find key tools the College uses to measure its effectiveness and Mission fulfillment.

Among these tools is the College’s Strategic Priorities Document, which sets out not only broad, long-term priorities, but tactical, measurable Planned Activities, which are updated each year.

Two key measures of OCCC’s Mission Fulfillment are:

OCCC Core Theme Indicator Scorecards


Mission Fulfillment Framework


The Board of Education, administration, faculty, staff and students of Oregon Coast Community College commit to these values:

  • Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions and commit to transparent practices.
  • Collaboration: We purposefully build partnerships to achieve common goals.
  • Excellence: We hold ourselves to the highest standards and are committed to continuously improving the work we do.
  • Inspiration: We show curiosity, illuminate new possibilities and ignite the joy of thinking well.
  • Integrity: We act with honesty and authenticity to foster a culture of ethics and respect that embodies our work and serves the community.
  • Learning: We celebrate the life-long process of developing valuable knowledge and skills.
  • Sustainability: We are responsible stewards of our financial, material, natural and human resources.
  • Equity: We embrace diversity and address the inequities and barriers that prevent people from learning and working to their full potential.

Core Theme One: Student Success

Oregon Coast Community College Core Themes

Core Theme 1: Student Success

{Review the Core Theme Matrix}

ObjectiveOCCC will improve post-secondary educational attainment across Lincoln County and close achievement gaps for underserved populations in our community.

At Oregon Coast Community College, we equip students for success in college and in life by providing exemplary teaching, student development programs and support services. Students receive customized and relevant advising and enriched supports to maximize completion and success. In response to the diverse needs and histories of our community we are institutionalizing a philosophy of student success and strengthening the College’s policies, processes, and business practices to facilitate access and completion.

Core Theme Two: Educational Pathways

Oregon Coast Community College Core Themes

Core Theme 2: Educational Pathways

{Review the Core Theme Matrix}

ObjectiveOCCC will offer rigorous and engaging academic programs and educational options comprised of clear pathways to transfer, employment and self-development that enrich individual lives and promote the economic and civic vitality of Lincoln County and beyond.

At Oregon Coast Community College we assess the needs of individuals and employers, and respond by designing pathways and partnerships that address community and regional priorities. We create bridges into our pathways from high school, adult education, non-credit, and other feeders. Educational pathways are accessible through place and modality, and facilitate transitions to transfer or employment. We strengthen the economy and workforce through our business development, career technical and transfer programs. By narrowing achievement gaps in post-secondary education and raising post-secondary educational attainment, we advance the economic and civic vitality of Lincoln County and beyond.