Aquarium Science Internships

Before an Aquarium Science student can finish their degree or certificate and began a rewarding career as a professional aquarist, they must perform an aquarium science internship. These internships provide students with on the job training under the supervision of professional aquarists and can be paid or unpaid, depending on the policy of the host institution. Where students perform their internship is largely their decision and can be an important part of gaining employment at that facility or providing the skills and qualifications to work for another employer.

Perhaps a student is keenly interested in coral reef restoration work and wants to prepare for getting a job working with corals. Other students might be drawn to life support design and construction. Still others seek to fulfill lifelong dreams of diving in the largest exhibits in public aquaria to feed animals and perform routine maintenance. The possibilities for interning as the last part of their educational experience on the way to a career as a professional aquarist are endless. As are the practical, hands-on experiences they gain, along with the networking possibilities to enhance their career options over time.

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