Industry Partners of the Aquarium Science Program at OCCC

In addition to earning a superb technical education, AQS students working toward becoming a professional fish keeper in any kind of facility also enjoy support and the very real possibility of employment from dozens of industry partners. Whether they intend to train to work in aquaculture, public aquaria, medical research, or another facet of the industry, our students gain access to representatives from these partners through:

  • Interviews with members of the National Visiting Committee
  • Guest lectures from these stakeholders
  • Scheduled and unscheduled visits to AQS classrooms and the Teaching Aquarium
  • Outreach from students working on husbandry profiles and other class projects
  • Interviews with professionals while seeking internship opportunities
  • Interviews with professionals while seeking employment opportunities

This access to industry professionals and students’ ability to apply what they’ve learned in the Program gives AQS students a significant competitive advantage when seeking employment opportunities on completion of their studies and for many years thereafter. And being able to put a face to a name via previous contact is invaluable to both prospective employers and students seeking their next position.

We’ve listed several of our industry partners below to illustrate the recognition, respect and support our program receives on a national and international basis:


Hatfield Marine Science Center

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Oregon Hatchery Research Center

OSU Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Laboratory
Oregon State University

Oregon Zoo

Sea Grant Oregon

Zebrafish International Resource Center