Charitable Giving

The Foundation provides the opportunity for individuals, families, businesses, and corporations to invest in the future of the College and the community it serves by making financial contributions for:

  • Student Scholarships/Grants
  • Capital Improvements
  • Campus Facility Expansion
  • Instructional Equipment
  • Student Recruitment/Retention Programs
  • Faculty/Staff Development
  • Research Materials
  • Aquarium Science Student Internships

There are numerous ways to make a gift to the Foundation. Checks, money orders, or VISA or MasterCard donations should be made payable to the OCCC Foundation and mailed to:

OCCC Foundation
400 SE College Way,
Newport, OR 97366

Credit card donations may also be made by calling the Director of College Development at 541-867-8531.

Cash donations may be delivered directly to the Foundation office.

An annual gift may also be pledged to the Foundation over the course of the Foundation’s fiscal year. The fiscal year starts July 1 and ends June 30. Specific installment payment dates may be set according to the donor’s wishes.

Gifts of securities such as stock certificates can be donated to the College through the Foundation’s brokerage firm. Donors should work with their stockbrokers in order to avoid any complications.

Gifts of real estate or personal property may be transferred to the Foundation after the Board of Directors agrees to accept and administer such gifts. If owned outright, delivery of a deed of conveyance, such as a warranty deed or bargain and sale deed is sufficient to transfer real estate. A written description of the assets and a statement of intention to give irrevocably should accompany the transference of the personal property.

Some companies have established matching gift programs to encourage contributions by their employees to support educational institutions or other nonprofit organizations. These programs allow the donor to double or even triple their gift.

Many people would like to make larger charitable gifts to support the organizations and institutions they care most about. But concerns about personal and family financial security may make these gifts seem impossible. By using a carefully designed method of planned giving, a donor may fulfill charitable wishes, while enhancing the family security.

Foundation staff is available to work with donors and their tax advisors to explore contribution possibilities. All donors, however, should seek the advice of private legal and financial counsel to determine the tax deduct-ability of any gift.


The Foundation office is located at the Central County Center in Newport. Please contact the office by calling or writing:

Director of College Development

Mailing Address:
400 SE College Way
Newport, OR 97366

Telephone: 541-867-8531
Fax: 541-265-3820
Federal Tax ID#: 93-290953[/nimbus_info_box]