Summer 2024 Activities

OCCC’s Community Education lineup often takes the summer off, as attendance drops precipitously in the season.

However, this summer we’re offering a workshop on geology – focused on the Roads End area of Lincoln City – along with two different 5-week workshops designed to help you showcase your inner wizard, as you learn and play the popular fantasy role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons. 

The Geology of Roads End

Roads End beach, in Lincoln City, has some of the most fascinating geology on the Oregon Coast. Join Margery Price, a master’s student in geology at the UO, to learn how to “read the rocks” at this beautiful local gem! The class will come with a free field trip guide so that participants can go visit Roads End on their own time and experience the geology firsthand.

Thursday, July 11  |  2-4:30 p.m.
Lincoln City Campus  |  $20
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Improv Comedy Class

Learn to improve your stage wit and wisdom with this free improv class taught by members of Porthole Players Theatre Company. The class will include elements of movement, accent work, sketch writing, content editing, prop mastery, scene work and general fearlessness on stage or wherever fun times are to be had.

We will use theatre games, work groups, and real-time evaluation to help you refine your skills as a comedy writer and actor. All ages are welcome.

8 SESSIONS  |  JUL 11-AUG 22
THURSDAY  |  4-5PM  |  $15  |  NEWPORT, Rm 179
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Dungeons & Dragons 101

Do you have an interest in learning the greatest TTRPG of all time? Originally created in the 1970’s, Dungeons and Dragons is a game that generations of enthusiasts have enjoyed. Now in it’s 5th Edition, Dungeons and Dragons is seeing a rise in popularity. We will explore the rich history of DnD, the evolution of TTRPG’s, game mechanics, Lore 101, and of course play a game (or two). The world is open for adventure gameplay. The only question you need to ask yourself, are you ready to accept this quest?

INSTRUCTOR: Jake Holshue
10 Sessions • Mondays & Wednesdays, July 8-Aug. 7 • 4-5:45pm
Newport Campus | $75
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Comm Ed Header
Improv audience laughing

Improv Comedy

Presented by Porthole Players

Note: Added to lineup after ‘Catch the Wave’ schedule went to press…

Learn to improve your stage wit and wisdom with this free improv class taught by members of Porthole Players Theatre Company. The class will include elements of movement, accent work, sketch writing, content editing, prop mastery, scene work, and general fearlessness on stage or wherever fun times are to be had. We will use theatre games, work groups, and real-time evaluation to help you refine your skills as a comedy writer and actor. All ages are welcome.

10 Sessions |  4-5pm Thursdays, April 4-June 6  |  Room 179, Newport
$15  |  Scholarships Available – E-Mail for Details

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Mussel Harvesting

Mussel harvesting? In the Cascade Head Marine Protected Area? Yes, but not in the Marine Reserve.  Join Paul Robertson, Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve Staff Scientist, for a mussel harvesting class, live, on the beach in Lincoln City.  Learn how and where to safely harvest these delectable mollusks, and where not to. Get up to speed on the boundaries of the Marine Reserve, and how the harvest allowances and restrictions are part of the overall research initiative.  The course will also cover important information on understanding how the tides, swell conditions, and shellfish toxins can change your harvesting plans. You’ll then be guided to the rocks for your harvest, including a demonstration on how to sustainably collect your evening’s dinner. All participants must purchase their 2024 shellfish license before the class, at a local retailer or online,

INSTRUCTOR: Paul Robertson, MSc
FRIDAY, May 10  |  10-11:30am  |  $20
NW 15TH ST Beach Access, Lincoln City
Please park at top of ramp, not on beach
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Paul Robertson Oregon

SCUBA Certification

Dive into the underwater world with this comprehensive PADI SCUBA class, tailored for adventure enthusiasts and marine life admirers alike. Scheduled for April 7 and 14, the class kicks off with two immersive pool sessions at the Lincoln City Community Center.  These sessions are designed to provide you with the essential skills and confidence needed for open-water diving, including equipment usage, safety procedures, and underwater communication. Next, you’ll have exhilarating open-water certification dives awaiting you in Florence, two weeks later on April 27 and 28. Fee covers all equipment rentals, such as BCD, regulator, wetsuits and more. Students are required to provide personal gear, including a mask, fins, boots, snorkel, and a surface marker buoy with a whistle, ensuring a personalized and comfortable diving experience. These items can be acquired from the vendor of your choice, and are also available at Eugene Skin Diver Supply, which is providing the course instruction. Note:  All participants will need to travel to Eugene to be sized for wetsuit/equipment in the weeks before the course. Upon successful completion, participants will earn their PADI Open Water Certification, opening the door to diving adventures around the globe. Co-sponsored by Lincoln City Parks & Recreation. 

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Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District

Rainwater Catchment Design & Considerations

Join the Lincoln SWCD and its partners at the OSU Extension and Oregon Coast Community College to discuss rainwater catchment systems, tips, tricks, and design considerations. Jim Reiland has extensive experience with small (less than 30,000 gallons) catchment systems and will provide a presentation and follow-up design assistance for attendees. Anyone attending is encouraged to bring property maps, design ideas, and sketches of your ideas to work through with experienced staff. Nikki Hendricks will attend to answer questions on water rights and use in the county.

Thursday, March 7, 5:30-7:30PM  |  FREE  |  LINCOLN CITY | Register Here

Oregon Water Rights
& Conservation

Join us for an evening exploring Oregon water rights laws and how your water rights can be used for conservation. Our partners at the Wild Salmon Center will present a history of water rights law and current offerings for landowners interested in leasing, selling, or transferring their water rights for conservation. The water master and county officials will be on hand to answer questions.

THURS., March 21  |  5:30-7:30  |  FREE  |  NEWPORT | Register Here

Pest Management &
Water Quality 101 & 102

Pest Management: Join Kaci Buhl, OSU Extension, in discussing pest management, best management practices. and tools to assess how your activities may be affecting surface and groundwater. Come prepared with pests that you manage in your gardens, landscaping, or agricultural lands. For local pesticide applicators, this course has been approved by ODA as an accredited continuing education event. Participants can receive up to 2 credits from this class toward their recertification.

Water Quality 101 & 102: This is the second of two pest management workshops, but there is no need to attend the first to join. A panel of experts in pasture management, fruit and vegetable gardening, and forestry will lead focus groups to discuss current practices and tools for assessing and utilizing new pest management practices. Kaci Buhl, OSU Extension, will guide students through understanding how soil type, landscape features, and timing affect pest management and natural resources. For local pesticide applicators, this course has been approved by ODA as an accredited continuing education event. Participants can receive up to 2 credits from this class toward their recertification.



Pollinator Meadow Maintenance

Join the Lincoln SWCD for an evening discussing pollinator meadow maintenance on small and larger scales. Discussion will cover maintenance planning and scheduling, tools for vegetation management, and evaluation of your meadow’s success. Rain or shine, the group will head outside mid-workshop to evaluate the newly planted
Oregon Silverspot Butterfly Demonstration Meadow on campus. Light refreshments provided. 


THURSDAY, MAY 16  |  5:30-7:00
FREE  |  LINCOLN CITY | Register Here


Pollinators in Your Backyard

This workshop begins with an overview of some of our common – and not-so-common – pollinators here on Oregon’s Central Coast, and how we can support them in our own small spaces. From what plants to place where, to how we manage our landscapes for pollinators, the evening will end with a short walk in the nearby landscape to get inspired about what you can do to help pollinators. Note: For residents of Newport, from Beverly Beach to the North Jetty, whose properties are within 1/2 mile of the beach, the District can assist in transforming your lawn to a small pollinator meadow, providing technical assistance and plants. 

THURSDAY, JUNE 20  |  5:30-7:00
FREE  |  NEWPORT | Register Here

Lincoln City Oregon

Happy Trails

Take a hike! (In Lincoln City, that is. ) This class is an introduction to the trails and open spaces in and around Lincoln City, set aside by voters in the 1990s to provide protected natural areas in perpetuity.  You’ll learn all about the local wildlife and trails, as well as hiking etiquette. This is a 2-part class, starting with a classroom presentation, followed by a guided hike at Spyglass Ridge. Time to lace up your hiking boots. Proceeds go towards building the new park in Lincoln City. Hosted by Lincoln City Parks and Recreation. 

INSTRUCTORS: Jeanne Sprague,
Lori Templeman, and Steve Schoenfelder
THURS., MAY 30  |  6-8PM  |  $15  |  LINCOLN CITY

iNaturalist and the Wrack Line:

Crowd-Sourcing Environmental Data

This workshop will introduce you to iNaturalist, a free phone app that aids users in identifying all manner of plants, animals, and fungi. The class will cover how it is currently being used in the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve in a citizen-science, crowd-sourced research project. Using the computing power of AI, learn how you can support scientific research focused on what is washing ashore at the high tide line of the beach, and how it relates to changes to our ocean and climate. The Wrack Line Project is an initiative of the Coastal Climate Change + Community Art Science and Tradition Project (  The course will be presented by Paul Robertson, MSc, Staff Scientist & Project and Communication Manager for the Cascade Head Biosphere.

INSTRUCTOR: Paul Robertson, MSc
2 SESSIONS  |  May 8 at OCCC & May 11 at the beach
WED. & SAT.  |  10-11:30  |  $25  |  LINCOLN CITY
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Birding Basics

Curious about that odd chirping you’re hearing while walking or gardening? Are you fascinated by the random rustlings in the bushes? Do you notice and enjoy the birds in your world, but wish you knew more about these clever and busy neighbors? This is just the class for you! Participants will learn how birds behave, so they will find it easier to spot, observe, and identify the type they are seeing. Bird identification, adaptations, and habitat will be introduced. Birds of the Oregon Coast will be our focus during this two-week class. Participants will have access to bird guides and binoculars and will learn how to use them. The final session of the class will be a field trip to identify birds in the area.

INSTRUCTORS: Caren Willoughby & Laura Doyle
TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 1:30-3:00pm  |  $40
MATERIALS FEE $10  |  LINCOLN CITY | Register Here

Oystercatcher Lincoln City Oregon
Milo Graamans

OCCC Choir

with Milo Graamans

This course is for anyone who would like to sing in a choral ensemble. No experience required. The class will cover a variety of musical styles and will include practice reading music. Best of all, there will be an opportunity to perform in the spacious OCCC Commons on the last day of the course. (Note: The printed edition of ‘Catch the Wave’ referred to the choir class as the Oregon Coast Chorus. The class is not affiliated with the existing organization of the same name, and we apologize for any confusion.)

11 sessions  |  APRIL 2-JUNE 11
TUESDAYS 3:30-5PM  |  $60  |  Newport | Register Here

Learn to Play Guitar

with Richard Paris

Ten years. Three academic terms a year. Ten class sessions a term. All this math to prove that, on June 6 (the final session of this term’s 10 classes), Richard Paris will teach his 300th session of “Learn to Play Guitar.” In this fast-to-fill course, beginning and intermediate students receive group instruction as well as one-on-one attention, according to musical interests and level of ability. This method keeps students interested, which is key to maintain motivation.

OCCC is looking for potential guitar instructors in Waldport or Newport. Contact us if you’d like to learn more, at 541-994-4166.

THURSDAYS, 6-8PM  |  $75  |  LINCOLN CITY | Register Here

Irish Dancing for Adults

If you love music and dance, but aren’t a spring chicken, this is for you. Folks in Ireland are cradle-to-grave dancers, and there’s something for everyone! From ceili to set, sean-nós to old-style step, Irish dancing involves a lot more than the high-intensity competitive style everyone is familiar with from Riverdance. This class is for adults who love dance and love music, but might not have the knees, ankles, and stamina of a 14-year-old. Despite what you may have seen, participants won’t need to perform high kicks and jumping about – this class is all low-impact. A sense of rhythm and some background in dance, gymnastics, ice skating, etc. (anything where you had to string some movements together) will be helpful, but not necessary. Any kind of flat, well-fitting shoe like an Oxford is fine.

MONDAYS, 5:30-6:30 PM  |  $70
Lincoln City Cultural Center | Register Here

Play the Pennywhistle

Have you ever met someone so happy they danced a jig? You can help, by learning to play this iconic Celtic instrument – the simple, versatile, and exceptionally portable (perfect for beach bonfires!) pennywhistle. From the Chieftains, to the Clancy Brothers, to the Dropkick Murphy’s, the pennywhistle (or “tin whistle”) has helped define Celtic music and has been integral to many other genres as well. This class will introduce you to basic playing techniques and some fun tunes to start you out. And, the cost includes your very own whistle. Class is open to ages 16 and up.

4:30-5:30 PM  |  $75 Includes Pennywhistle
Lincoln  City Cultural Center | Register Here

Advanced Tune Learning: Traditional Irish Music

Learn to play Traditional Irish Music. The cool kids call it “Trad.” Local musicians Gary Burman and Nora Sherwood will teach traditional Irish dance tunes. They invite you to bring your fiddle, flute, mandolin, pennywhistle, banjo, squeeze box or other traditional Irish melody instrument. Join them to learn exciting jigs, reels, hornpipes, and polkas. The emphasis will be on learning by ear. Sheet music and recordings will be provided for practicing at home. You will learn to play common Irish session tunes that are well known and played in Irish pub sessions around the world. A new tune will be taught each week. This is an advanced beginner to intermediate level class. You will need to be somewhat proficient on your instrument. Prerequisite is the beginner pennywhistle class or instructor approval.   

9 SESSIONS  |  APRIL 9-JUNE 4  |  TUESDAYS, 5:45-6:45PM
$65 (PLUS $15 IF NEW PENNYWHISTLE IS REQUIRED)  |  Lincoln City Cultural Center
Register Here

CERT Training

The CERT program (Community Emergency Response Team) educates volunteers about disaster preparedness for the hazards that may impact their area and trains them on basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. CERT offers a consistent, nationwide approach to volunteer training and organization that professional responders can rely on during disaster situations, which allows them to focus on more complex tasks. CERT strives to instill a “lifestyle of preparedness” in its volunteers, building and enhancing capabilities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

INSTRUCTOR: David Jamieson
8 sessions  |  THURSDAYS, April 11-MAY 30  |  6-8PM
FREE  |  Lincoln City
Register Here

Richard O'Hearn
Traci McDowell
Brian Norris
Lauralee Norris Graamans




Norris Graamans

Legacy Planning

“Legacy planning” means something different to each of us. It should not be left for “someday,” when lack of pre-planning could wind up creating tension and heartbreak. Through this workshop, attendees will learn tips for creating a plan that will fit their unique needs. Richard O’Hearn, a financial advisor, will talk about navigating financial planning for retirement and succession planning for businesses. Traci McDowell,  Attorney at Law, will present on estate planning, including the difference between trusts and wills, different types of power of attorney available and probate. Brian Norris, a funeral home manager, will present about burial and cremation options available, and Lauralee Norris Graamans will discuss the fundamentals of pre-planning and the final wishes organizer.

WEDNESDAYS, 1-4pm  |  $45 NEWPORT | Register Here

Piecing Together Your Writing Puzzle

April is National Poetry Month, so why not spread those poetic wings with Paul Haeder? The local writer knows his neighbors on the coast have stories, and that those stories resonate. That’s the memoir angle of this course. Whether you’re new to writing workshops or you are a past participant wanting to carry on with your project, all takers are welcomed. As the instructor put it, “The world now is ‘collapsing’ in so many ways and in so many arenas, and people want to express their perspectives, as essays or fiction pieces. Your writing skills will be honed. Your ideas played with. It is a real gut-busting 90 minutes with Haeder in class and out of class. What is it that you want to write right? Show up and find out.”

2-3:30PM  |  $75  |  WALDPORT | Register Here

Engaged Mindfulness II

This course is an introduction to the practice and benefits of a regular mindfulness practice for our everyday lives. It provides a solid foundation for cultivating self-awareness, managing stress, and enhancing overall well-being. Students take a journey of self-discovery through mindfulness practices and group discussions.

4 SESSIONS: Tuesdays,
APRIL 23 to MAY 14
6-7:30PM  |  NEWPORT | Register Here

AARP Smart Driver Course

This is the AARP flagship course that addresses how changes have impacted the way seniors should be driving.  This course qualifies participants for a mandatory discount on their auto insurance premiums.  ODOT requires a total of six (6) hours of instructional time to be eligible for a certificate of completion.  The instructors ask AARP participants for $20 to cover the cost of materials ($25 for non-members). This fee will be paid at the start of the class to the instructor via cash or check.  Participants should bring a drink and a sack lunch on the day of class. Please come ready with your AARP ID and driver’s license.

9:15AM-4pm  |  NEWPORT  |  $20
$25 for non-AARP members | Register Here

Finding Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself – but it’s not always easy to find.  In this seven-week course we will explore ways in which to forgive others and ourselves.  Participants will be guided in this journey and will learn valuable tools to help become more empowered and forgiving people. Topics include different levels of forgiveness, self-love, finding hidden anger, empathy, guided meditations, and more.

Tuesdays, April 2-May 14
6-8PM  |  Live via ZOOM
$50 plus $20 Materials fee | Register Here

Creative Writing Workshop 

This course is open to writers of all genres, to those looking for a creative writing catalyst and for folks with a writing practice already established. As the hours of daylight lengthen, we will seek inspiration from the world around us—on the page and off. What can each of our favorite texts teach us about how to explore characters and settings? How might tuning in closely to the changing of the seasons aid our ability to make our words ring true? Participants will share excerpts from their writing and receive feedback from the group and instructor. Writers will leave this three-session course with new words and revision strategies to carry their work beyond.

3 SESSIONS  |  TUES., MAY 7-21
6-8PM  |  $30  |  NEWPORT | Register Here

Yakona Nature Preserve & Learning Center

Discover the amazing Yakona Nature Preserve near South Beach through these free art workshops!
Register, and learn more about Yakona, at

Eco Printing Workshop

Experience the magic of eco printing, the process of making direct contact botanical prints from the natural pigments found in plants.
June 8 & Sept. 28  | 10am-3pm | Register Here, via Yakona

Botanical Bas Relief

Learn how to create elegant botanical plaster reliefs.
April 13 &  Aug. 17  |  10am-1:30 pm | Register Here, via Yakona

Nature Illustration Workshop

Have you ever been curious about how a science illustrator approaches their craft? This workshop with Nora Sherwood will introduce you to a few tools used by science illustrators, such as basic observation techniques, and a little knowledge of anatomy. Four separate classes.
March 28,  April 20, May 11 & July 20  |  10am-1pm | Register Here, via Yakona

Bamboo Flute Workshop

Craft a beautiful woodwind instrument from bamboo. In this workshop, Alex Llumiquinga will teach you to create, decorate, and play your very own bamboo flute.
July 13 | 10am-Noon | Register Here, via Yakona

Art and Ecology of the Temperate Rainforest Workshop Series

Join us on the south shore of Yaquina Bay to explore the art and ecology of Yakona Nature Preserve. We will combine natural history talks and hands-on sketching workshops with Peg Herring. You will develop your own field journal with fun, no-pressure sketching exercises to help you draw what you see. No experience necessary.  This workshop series is for adult learners curious about the forest. Involves gentle to moderate hiking on hilly terrain.  Co-Sponsored by Oregon Coast Council for the Arts
Two-Session Class: Aug. 6 & Oct. 5, 9am-4pm | Register Here, via Yakona

Spring Fitness: 

Lincoln City Parks & Recreation Classes

classes included with membership or daily drop in free  

Aqua Classes

Make some waves with a multi-level class incorporating a variety of formats to keep you moving and motivated. Workouts focus on cardiovascular training, muscle toning, flexibility, and coordination. Water exercise is low impact, but not low intensity! In deep-end classes (Wednesdays), participants wear a flotation belt.

AQUA SHALLOW: MONDAYS & FRIDAYS, 11-11:45AM | Register Here

AQUA DEEP: WEDNESDAYS, 11-11:45AM | Register Here

Intro to Water Fitness

Learn the benefits of water fitness with a sample workout led by a certified instructor. Flotation belts are provided. Bring your suit, towel and a water bottle.

Saturday, May 11  |  11am-12pm | Register Here

Intro to Group Fitness

Learn the benefits of Gentle Yoga and land-based exercises to increase balance with a sample workout led by a certified instructor. Mats are provided or bring your own.

Saturday, AprIl 6  |  11am-12pm | Register Here

Gentle Yoga

This class flows at a gentle pace and focuses on breathing, relaxation, and a variety of movements for stability and mobility. Develop keener body awareness through the use of fluid movements and gentle stretching. Practice progresses from reclining to standing postures and finishes with relaxation. This class may increase your range of motion, reduce pain, alleviate stress, and improve your quality of life. Bring your yoga mat, or mats can be provided.

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9-9:45am | Register Here

Strength & Balance

Join us for a low-impact class designed to improve balance, build endurance, and strengthen muscles. Increase your ease of movement and prevent injuries by being stronger! Participants have the option to sit or stand during all portions of the class. Hand-held weights, small balls, steps and stretch bands are provided.

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10-10:45am | Register Here

Real Estate Property
Manager’s License

This course introduces the Oregon real estate property manager to licensing regulations including statutes pertaining to property management. It is meant to prepare participants to take the State of Oregon Property Manager License Exam. This course and the exam cover the role of property managers, tenant relations, fair housing, lease agreements, and more. You must attend all evening class sessions, and have online access to complete the self-study portion of this course. Students who pass this course are prepared to take the proctored Oregon Property Manager License exam, which is a required step to becoming a licensed property manager in Oregon. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to describe real estate laws and rules that protect the Oregon consumer in need of property management services provided by a licensed property manager.

TUESDAYS,  APRIL 9 – May 21  |  6-8PM  |  $550
Live, via ZOOM | Register Here

Real Estate Broker’s License Test Prep 

Have you tried studying independently (and alone) for your Real Estate Broker’s License test? All too often, independent study grinds on for months and months longer than you planned. This class is designed to be different; to keep you and your classmates on track, week in and week out, as you work as a group and independently towards preparing to successfully take your Real Estate Broker License test.  The first class will start Thursday, April 4 and will meet each Thursday night from 5:30-8:30 for 10 weeks.  There will be one Saturday class on June 8 from 9-5. The Saturday class is a review day.

5:30-8:30PM  |  $600  |  Live, via ZOOM  | Register Here

Herbal Spa Evening

Join herbalist and “botanical artisan” Frances O’Halloran in this holistic skin-nourishing evening. Learn how to renew and rejuvenate your skin utilizing “yarden” grown and regionally wild foraged plants. We all will participate in crafting and applying these natural wellness treatments: Herbal oil cleanser, herbal honey mask, herbal polish and scrub, herbal toner, and herbal oils.  All support not only our skin, but our minds and hearts, too. Everyone will go home with one of the spa treatment products. Recipes and suggestions included.

TUESDAY, APRIL 16  |  5:30-7:30PM  |  NEWPORT
$30 PLUS $25 MATERIALS FEE | Register Here

Discovering Your Family’s Story:

Family History Research for Beginners

Uncover the rich tapestry of your ancestry in this six-week course, facilitated by the Lincoln County Genealogical Society. Participants will be guided in constructing a detailed family tree and organizing documents and research. We will explore an array of genealogical websites to streamline your research, exploring records such as census data, vital and church records, courthouse and land records, military records, cemetery and newspaper, immigration and naturalization records, and Native American records. The course incorporates hands-on learning in a computer lab. Participants will be introduced to online resources and are encouraged to set up a free account at at home before the first class.  Another option would be to bring your laptop. If you have an Ancestry or My Heritage account, you can use that in place of Family Search. The registration fee includes an annual Genealogical Society membership.

INSTRUCTOR: Lincoln County Genealogical Society
6 SESSIONS  |  Fridays, APRIL 5-MAY 17
(NO CLASS APRIL 19)  |  1-4 PM
$40 plus $10 MATERIALS FEE | NEWPORT | Register Here

DNA Image

Unlock Your DNA Story:

Understanding Your Ancestry DNA Test Results 

Whether you’ve tested with Ancestry DNA or another company, deciphering your results no longer needs to be a puzzle. In this class, we delve into the essentials of
genetic genealogy, equipping you with the knowledge
to comprehend and navigate your DNA results
effectively. Discover the mysteries that your DNA
holds and gain insights that go beyond the surface.
While the primary focus is decoding Ancestry
results, we’ll also explore insights from other
companies. Don’t worry if you haven’t tested your
DNA yet – this class welcomes all enthusiasts. However, having your DNA test results and an active subscription is recommended. You may use Ancestry’s flexible month-to-month subscription rate or the complimentary two-week trial
while taking the course. Don’t forget to bring your Ancestry login details for a seamless exploration of your genetic heritage.

INSTRUCTOR: Lincoln County
Genealogical Society
2 SESSIONS  |  MAY 24 & 31
$40 includes annual
Register Here

Wild Rose Exploration

Join herbalist and “botanical artisan” Frances O’Halloran for this class, designed to amplify your loving heart. In this journey, expect to be immersed in wild roses. Rose is one of the oldest plant medicines known to humankind. She has been honored, consumed, and made into medicine for centuries. She is the symbol of the divine feminine and is a messenger of joy, beauty, and vitality. Our exploration will begin with a short and sweet wild rose meditation, followed by sampling a bouquet of wild rose preparations, while we craft a fresh wild rose body care delight that everyone will go home with. Recipes and suggestions shared.

TUESDAY, MAY 14  |  5:30-7:30PM  |  NEWPORT
Register Here

Wild Rose

Landscape & Seascape

Painting in Oil & Acrylic

Participants will be encouraged to paint a number of different landscapes and seascapes creatively, using photographs from various locations around Oregon. Learn to use the fundamentals of design by cropping images, simplifying objects and painting value studies to create a strong image. Katia will guide you through basic palette color choices and show you how to mix colors using simple color theory. She will offer individual instruction to each participant, covering the fundamentals of painting (composition, values, color, edges), and offering advice on handling the medium. Students will learn the essentials of oil/acrylic painting and become comfortable with solvents (for oils), oil/acrylic mediums, brushes and paints.

10AM-2PM  |  $75  |  LINCOLN CITY
Materials list AVAIL., 541-996-6222
Register Here

Kick start a Sketchbook!
Drawing Techniques & Materials

Learn a variety of sketching styles and drawing techniques, and experiment with an interesting selection of drawing materials. Class subjects will be nature studies and simple landscapes. The materials explored will include graphite pencils and water soluble graphite pencils, gel pens, brush markers, watercolor pencils and india ink. Have fun and enjoy trying something new. No experience needed.

2-4:30PM  |  $80 PLUS MATERIALS FEE $20 
Register Here

Introduction to Watercolor Painting

Learn the properties of painting and how to utilize watercolor paint, as well as the basics of sketching with water-soluble pencils to create the sketch for your paintings. Sketch and paint images inspired by nature, including seascapes and landscapes. No experience is needed.

2-4:30PM  |  $110   WALDPORT

Materials list available; 541-996-6222

Register Here



Oil Painting Using 

the Wet-on-Wet Method

Learn how to paint in oil using the wet-on-wet method. This method begins with painting the entire canvas with a light coat of oil paint for an easy blending technique. Learn how easy it is to blend and detail as you go, even if you currently
do not have any drawing ability.

3-5PM  |  $75 plus $30 MATERIALS FEE
Register Here

Painting by the Instructor

Introductory Gyotaku

Gyotaku is the Japanese art of fish printing.  At its core, Gyotaku uses the actual fish to achieve a detailed image of the specimen.   During this introductory 2-hour session, students will gain an appreciation of the art’s history, print a variety of fish species, and learn techniques to paint fish eyes. This workshop is technique-driven and focuses on refining each print through critique and review.  The instructor is an accomplished artist with a long history in education on the Coast who now works as a commercial fisherman out of Newport.

WED., MAY 15  |  5:30-7:30PM  |  Lincoln City
WED., MAY 22  |  5:30-7:30PM  |  Newport
Register Here

Gyotaku: Advanced Techniques

This advanced class is designed for those individuals who have previously participated in the instructor’s introductory Gyotaku course. During this advanced, hands-on course, participants will warm up by creating multiple prints before integrating additional elements onto their prints. This class is technique-driven, and may involve printing of botanicals, multiple fish, and creating a rocky habitat.

1 SESSION | WED., MAY 29  |  5:30-7:30PM
$30, plus $30 MATERIALS FEE  |  NEWPORT
Register Here

Ceramics:  Hand-building/
Intro to Wheel-Throwing Class

This five-week class introduces students to the foundations of ceramics, covering basics like clay manipulation and tool usage. The first week focuses on hand-building techniques for creating functional forms like tea or coffee mugs. Techniques include slab assembly, coil building, and pinching, providing a foundation for transitioning to the potter’s wheel. The final weeks will concentrate on practicing simple forms, particularly cylinders, on the potter’s wheel. Students aren’t obligated to keep every piece; the emphasis is on creating pieces that can progress to the leather-hard stage for foot trimming, followed by drying, bisque firing, and glazing in the last week. The class structure consists of two two-hour sessions per week (Mondays and Wednesdays).

APRIL 29-MAY 29  |  $200
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Movie Making in Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is the software behind many popular video games including Fortnite. In addition, it has also become a tool for movie virtual production in shows such as The Mandalorian. This same powerful toolset is available – free! – to aspiring filmmakers. Now it is possible for individuals to bring their cinematic visions to life. During this 8-week online course, you will learn how to create a simple short movie (1 to 2 minutes) completely in Unreal. In class we will cover installing the software, get comfortable with the user interface, create an environment for the story, add animated characters, arrange lights to provide mood and atmosphere, set up cameras to capture the action, and render the final movie. This course is suitable for beginners who have never used Unreal before, although some prior experience with 3D software would be helpful. Unreal works on both Windows & Mac computers, but it is graphically intensive software that requires at least Windows 10 or MacOS 12.5, quad-core 2.5 GHz cpu and 8 GB of RAM.

6-8PM  |  $85  |  LIVE, VIA ZOOM
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3D Design & Printing:

Beyond the Basics

This two-session workshop is a continuation of our Introduction to 3D Design and Printing class, focusing on advanced techniques and projects using Tinkercad and Fusion 360. In the first session, we will discuss the evolving consumer 3D printer market, exploring the trend toward plug-and-play appliances. Students will learn about the changes in consumer 3D printers and how these advancements affect the design and printing process. In the second session, students will delve deeper into 3D design and printing, working on advanced projects and techniques. Students are encouraged to bring their own drawings or models for discussion and printing. The workshop includes hands-on activities and access to 3D printers for demonstration and printing of student projects. Each session lasts three hours. This workshop is suitable for students who have taken the Introduction to 3D Design and Printing course or have prior experience and want to expand their skills.

3-6PM  I  $35  |  NEWPORT
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Beginning Reiki Class

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It’s administered by laying on hands and can be easily learned by anyone.  Reiki has been found to be effective for self-meditation and healing, as well as helping others.  Reiki originated in Japan over 100 years ago and has spread throughout the world. Many hospitals (including Providence in Portland) and healing centers have found Reiki to be helpful when dealing with almost every type of condition. It is an easy to learn healing modality that is especially effective when focusing on yourself. The first level gives you the ability to do Reiki on yourself, family, friends, and pets.

3 SESSIONS  |  MAY 8, 22 & 29
WEDS., 11AM-2PM  |  $50
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Chakra 101

Chakras are energy centers within our bodies. The health and wellbeing of our chakra is indicative of overall wellbeing. This class will cover the seven main chakras, with suggestions on improving participants’ energy.   The course will cover the history of understanding chakras and how one can make changes to improve their everyday life.   

3 SESSIONS  |  Wednesdays, MAY 8, 22 & 29 
2:30-5PM  |  $50  |  MATERIALS FEE $20  |  LINCOLN CITY 
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Tarrah Richardson

Fundamentals of Floral Design

Five separate floral workshops served a la carte

Spring Wreath for Your Front Door:

Materials fee $65  |  Friday, April, 5  |  5:30pm

Basket of Living Bulbs:

Materials fee $45  |  Friday, April 19, 5:30pm

Spring Basket Arrangement:

Materials fee $40  |  Friday, May 3, 5:30pm

Early Summer Vase:

Materials fee $45  |  Friday, May 17, 5:30pm

Succulent Garden in a Round Glass Hanging Terrarium:

Materials fee $50  |  Friday, May 31, 5:30pm

Corsage and Boutonierre:

Materials fee $55  |  Friday, June 7, 5:30pm

Newport Florist & Gifts, 1738 N Coast Hwy.
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