How College Credits Are Calculated:

The standard unit of measurement of college work is called a credit hour. Oregon Coast uses the quarter credit hour system. A college quarter hour credit is granted in most cases for each 11-12 hours that a course meets during the term. A three credit course then, would normally meet three hours per week for a total of 33-36 hours per term. (During the eight-week summer term, more class hours are required each week to achieve the total required hours.) Some laboratory and technical courses may have different hour requirements. A laboratory period may consist of two or more clock hours per credit hour. Two to three hours of outside preparation are normally required for each clock hour that a course meets. Some courses may require additional hours of preparation.

Credit Hour Load and Full-Time Status

Full-time students at Oregon Coast Community College are those students who enroll in 12 or more credit hours per term. Most degree programs, however, require at least 90 credits, or an average of 15 credits per quarter for six terms as a full-time student to complete the degree within two academic years.

No student may enroll in more than 20 credit hours in any single term without an advising specialist’s signature and the approval of the Dean of Instruction. Students working while attending college should bear in mind that most classes require one or two hours of outside preparation for each class hour. Work schedules and college schedules may need to be adjusted to assure a successful college education. If working, anticipate taking more than six terms to complete a normal, full-time, two-year educational plan.


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