OCCC Presents its Honor Roll for Fall Term 2023

Oregon Coast Community College continues to see rebounding growth after the interruption of the pandemic. For the term just ended, Fall 2023, total enrollment was up 10.3% over the previous Fall, and 25.9% up over the Fall 2020 term.
As student counts swell, so do the modalities with which they’re learning. Students are participating in their classes in ways that some wouldn’t have imagined as recently as just a few years ago. Some courses are entirely online, with students participating from home (or breakrooms at work, or from many other places), while other courses are hybrid, allowing students to participate in the classroom or join from home. In a county of 1,200 square miles like ours, such convenient options matter to many of our students.
Even if course modalities may becoming more convenient, the fact remains that college is a heavy lift for many OCCC students, who are often working one or more jobs in addition to attending school. Many more are parents or care-givers and face many other hurdles in their daily schedules, including financial and transportation challenges.
Despite all this, many of our students not only succeed at school, but excel. Each term, we have the opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of those students whose academic performance has earned a place on the Oregon Coast Community College Honor Roll. Please join us in congratulating these students:

Honors List (3.25-3.49GPA)

Hope-Noel Erickson, Mars Foster, Landon Goebel, Derek Hansen, Sharon A Lundy, Beritza J Mata Toro, James D Orton, Monserrat Pena-Hernandez, Samantha M Rodrigues, Trevor C Tice, Austin O Vest.

Dean’s List: Term GPA 3.5-3.74

Paige E Andreas, Anaiya J Chipman, Emily Classen, Alexa M Cleveland, Zoe L Cody, Teon Erwin, Antonio Flores Hernandez, Kailee M Francisco, Dariana Fuentes Reyes, Jennifer L Gomez, Samantha E Gould, Ruth B Green, Mason C Hoeflich, Zanielle E Hudson, Jordana S Johnson, Penny J Korte, Jayme Larson, Brianna Loucks, Brooklyn Mangold, Alexa M Martinez, Rachel Martino, Kathleen A Martinson, Rose L McMaster, Cesar D Mendoza Ramirez, Deanna Meyer, Carlee Murray, Kristine Orton, E. Parker Price, Julia Samples, Jessica A Sanders, Kayla L Selsic, Victoria G Sheldon, Rhyan Turner, Corey K VanDamme, Yarden H Votaw, Abby M Wallace, Rhya C Xing, Ryan E Young

President’s List: Term GPA 3.75-4.0

Emily S Adams, Jessie Anders, Irisa Anderson, Kira Anderson, Tina M Aquino, Faith R Ashby,
Elizabeth S Ballanger, Diana Ayllin Baltazar Gonzalez, Lashae Banta, Cole R Barnes, Cecilia M Becerra, Sierra N Block, Chloe R Brandes, Heather Bridges, Shahayla A Butler-Summers, Jiahong Chen, Amanda Cherryholmes, Danielle N Clark, Melinda J Clark, Thomas Cook, Chani Daly, Darby N Davis, Kiara Davis, Aileen Debevec, Aleshia M Downs, James P Egan, Eric W Eickemeyer, Erin K Fee, Jose Gonzalez, Luz A Guzman, Dutch Hamilton, Joshua K Hayes, Kylee Herrmann, Jared Hoff, Makena S Howard, Shelby Johnston, Valour Jones, Jesus A Juarez, Nash Kehr, Jeffery A Kelley-Glover, Ariel E Kramer, Ariel J Lafrenz, Jesus Landa, Kaylee N Leonard, Aurielle L Loveall, Gael Maldonado-Galicia, Ann F Martin, Madilyn E Michael, Hailey Moreschini, Jennifer J Mini, Kara J Norton, Kristyna L Orlando, Samantha Paul, Brooke Peterson, Rebecca Rendon-Padilla, Jennifer Rogge, Gavin Santiago, Mario A Santos-Hernandez, Skyler Saxton, Hannah M Sherman, Hakeem J Smith, Christian Strom, Gavin D Suckow, Karen S Toole, Daniel W Wagner, Emily West, Kristin White, Lawrence C Winowiecki, Hunter Woodard, Ciara L Zebroff.

Oregon Coast’s Spring 2024 term begins in April. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a part of the OCCC family and beginning (or resuming) your college career in Spring Term, please visit oregoncoast.edu/advising to schedule a personal meeting with a Student Success Coach to discuss the many programs and subjects OCCC offers, and how they fit with your own academic and career aspirations.

Students can also opt to get started anytime by visiting oregoncoast.edu/start-here and following the links. Answers to questions and more assistance is available anytime by calling OCCC at 541-867-8501. Learn more, and discover the full range of degree and certificate programs available at Oregon Coast Community College, at oregoncoast.edu. Follow OCCC on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, @occcsharks.