Spring 2022 SBDC Workshops

Scroll below for classes offered here on the coast, produced by the OCCC Small Business Development Center team. (Plus some new workshops delivered online from other Oregon SBDCs!)

Face Coverings

Face coverings will be optional for the Spring 2022. term. Complimentary face coverings will be available at the entrance to every OCCC location for those who choose to wear them.

Other Workshops

We’ve got more! Check the Oregon SBDC Network’s statewide lineup of robust workshops

Spring '22: Free Cybersecurity Webinar


Join the Small Business Development Center at Mount Hood Community College and  the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO)  for the 2022 Cyber Series on the fourth Tuesday of the month from February through September to learn the fundamentals of cybercrime and cybersecurity to better protect your business. If you haven’t tried the series yet, hop on on April 26 to see what you’ve been missing. If ever there was a time to brush up on cybersecurity, even here in quiet, near-the-edge-of-the-grid Lincoln County, it’s now. 

Tuesday, April 26
11am–Noon | Live, Via Zoom
Register at: https://bit.ly/gocyber1

Spring 22: Business Systems for Beer & Wine Industries

Business Technology for the Wine & Beer Industries

In this class, offered via Zoom from the Columbia Gorge Community College SBDC, participants will learn about some of the various technology systems regularly used for sales, scheduling, customer management, and branding.

LIVE, VIA ZOOM  |  $25
REGISTER BY PHONE: 541-506-6011, Option 2

Spring 22: QuickBooks Trainings

QuickBooks Workshops

Whether you are new to accounting computer programs or want to learn some new tips and tricks, this four-hour course – produced by the Linn-Benton CC SBDC –  will provide you with a tour of how to navigate QuickBooks, a fundamental review of accounting terms, and an overview of various functions within the software in a fun environment. The instructor monitors this course, and Q&A will be provided via the classroom chat. The class will open on April 5 with a classroom tour at 12 pm. However, students can join the class until May 13. The class is self-paced and must be completed by June 10. Uses Google Classroom. 

Instructor: Jackie Shaw
Opens April 5 • $219 =
To register, visit bit.ly/quickbooksoccc

After you complete this course, consider LBCC’s QuickBooks 1 & QuickBooks 2 courses. Same registration link.


Take your QuickBooks skills to the next level. Designed for those with experience navigating accounting, we cover functions such as chart of accounts, bank reconciliations, accounting terminology, customizing & using reports, and more. The instructor monitors this course with classroom videos and Q&A via the classroom chat. The class will open on April 5th with a classroom tour at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST. However, students can join the class until May 13th. The class is self-paced and must be completed by June 10th. Uses Google Classroom. 41714 T SELF-STUDY 5-Apr 10 $449 FEE Shaw, Jackie GOOGLE CLASSROOM


This engaging course is designed for accounting clerks and bookkeepers seeking advanced QuickBooks desktop and bookkeeping skills. You will learn month-end and year-end closing processes, locating and fixing errors, comparing how QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online function, and more. Pre-qualifications include QuickBooks 1 and at least one year of computer-based accounting experience. The instructor monitors this course, and Q&A will be provided via the classroom chat. The class will open on April 5th with a classroom tour at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST. However, students can join the class until May 13th. The class is self-paced and must be completed by June 10th. Uses Google Classroom. 43212 T SELF-STUDY 5-Apr 10 $549 FEE Shaw, Jackie GOOGLE CLASSROOM

Spring 22: Financial Fundamentals

Financial Fundamentals for Small Business 

You’re passionate about your business because of the service you offer and / or the products you make. What you may not be passionate about is tracking all your transactions and managing your finances. That’s where this course comes in. Let us help you get a handle on the financial side that will help you be able to stay focused on what brings you joy from your business and helps you build wealth over the long term.  

• Understanding your revenue and expenses 

• Bookkeeping and tax tips 

• Avoiding cash flow crises 

• Pros and cons of different types of funding 

• How to be ready to obtain bank financing (banker guest) 

• Paying yourself and reinvesting in the business 

MON, MAY 2 – 23 • NOON- 1:30 PM • $45
Register Here

Spring 22: WaveApps


Have you been doing your books by hand, on a spreadsheet or not at all? WaveApps is an ideal solution for small solo business owners, construction, or non-profits. WaveApps is ideal for anyone needing to move from an estimate to invoice, to payment all from a mobile phone, while in the field. WaveApps works from mobile devices, allowing you to generate estimates on the road, invoice on the job site, and give customers a paid receipt. Do not leave another job site without supplying an invoice or collecting a payment. There are no monthly fees
for WaveApps, and it is cloud based, so you need not be stressed about that old computer you plan to
back-up someday. Come see if this might be a
solution for your small business. 

MON, MAY 23 • 9 AM – NOON • $35
Register Here

Spring 22: Instagram

Instagram for Coastal Businesses & Creatives 

Are you an artist, designer, photographer, content creator, or visual creative on Instagram? This class will help you grow your brand successfully on Instagram, tailored specifically to visual creatives. 

What you will get out of this class: 

• Strategies for driving sales
• Tips for photographing your work
• Content and caption brainstorming ideas
• How to optimize your account for engagement
• Advice for growing followers =
• Insights on how to look professional
• A toolkit to help you strengthen your branding 

FRI, APRIL 29 • 9 AM – NOON • $35
Register Here

Spring 22: Are You Profitable?

Are You Profitable? 

Like so many of the classes in the lineup, two years of the pandemic and the terrible toll it’s left on many of our local businesses will inform the conversation and subject matter in this workshop. In it, you’ll take a guided deep dive into your company’s financials to better understand how you can plan to improve profitability. Learn methods to help you forecast how simple price changes, additional employees, wages, or vendor price increases can impact your bottom line. We will discuss how to navigate seasonal cash flow, and will explore how changes in payment terms, credit versus cash transactions, and more can help you increase your overall profits. This class is derived from the Profit Mastery program to help you to better understand your business’s profitability. 

FRI, MAY 6 • 9 AM – NOON • $35
Register Here

Spring 22: Google Analytics

Google Analytics  

The course shows how Google analytics can track a business’ return-on-investment for its online presence and its overall performance online. Students will learn how to track multiple websites, including how to measure pages on Facebook, WordPress or other media. 

FRI, APRIL 8 • 9 AM – NOON • $35 • NEWPORT
Register Here

Spring 22: Startup Success

Startup Success Series  

Get your business idea off the ground!

Learn new skills and boost your business in this 6-hour course led by the team at the Oregon Coast Small Business Development Center. In this class you will complete your own Clarity Framework and clarify these essential concepts…

Your Business Idea – What problem will you solve,  how will you solve it and in what unique way?

Your Business Goals – How will you measure success?

Proof of Feasibility – How much will you need to produce  and sell in order to accomplish your goals?

Proof of Demand – What is the verifiable demand  for your idea?

Business Model – How is your business structured and  with what strategic advantages?

Marketing Strategy – How will you generate awareness and drive sales?

Action Plan – By when do you plan to accomplish what?

As you progress through this course you will put business fundamentals into action and assemble a powerful strategy to help your business succeed.

WED, MAY 4, 11 & 18 • 5:30 – 7:30 PM • $75
Register Here

Spring 22: Co.Starters

CO.STARTERS Core Business
Startup Course

Do you have an idea for a start-up business? Do you know how to validate that idea to see if it can turn into a profitable part-time or full time business? CO.STARTERS Core 10-week course can help you validate and launch your small business idea or refine your current business model.

CO.STARTERS Core provides an action-driven, collaborative process with a small and supportive group of like-minded people. Over ten sessions, you’ll identify your assumptions about why and how your businesses will work and then talk to customers in order to validate your ideas. This approach enables you to rapidly uncover flaws in your concept and find viable models more quickly. You’ll leave the program with a deeper understanding of how to create a sustainable business, articulate your model, and repeat the process with your next great idea.

In this course, you will learn to articulate your products and/or service, determine your unique selling proposition, validate your assumptions and connect your business idea to your local community.

Interested participants should register their interest at tinyurl.com/lccostarters. Once you register, you will be contacted by the Facilitator who will help you decide if the Core program is right for you. There is a non-refundable $50 application fee and a $300 program fee. The program fee is refundable upon successful completion of the program and scholarship funds are available to assist and offset the cost of this program.

The Lincoln County CO.STARTERS program is jointly supported by the Lincoln County SBDC, the
Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County and Reinventing Rural.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: reinventingrural.com/costarters/core/

Spring 22: In-Home Childcare

 In-Home Childcare: Let’s get started!

The OCCC Small Business Development Center, with support from Northwest Oregon Works, launched its first Childcare Startups four-part workshop in October 2021. The workshop, which returns this Spring, is designed to help launch new childcare businesses here in Lincoln County  – and to help ensure their long-term success.

“In-home childcare can be a great fit – for example, for a parent who’d like to stay home with a child, and would like to contribute to meeting household expenses while offering the child the chance to socialize. If this workshop can help launch even one home-based childcare business, that could mean as many as 10 workers could return to their jobs, secure in the knowledge that their children are safe and secure.”

The program features an in-depth session on regulations, finance, and licensing, led by guest presenters from Linn-Benton Community College. Participants will also register for an infant and child CPR/First Aid session. Another session will feature general information about business formation, operations, marketing, and finances, led by Lambrecht. The remaining session focuses on insurance and legal considerations. 

The four segments:

(1)  Childcare Operators’ Fundamentals, with Jose Hernandez

(2)  Operating Your Business in Lincoln County, with Misty Lambrecht

(3)  Legal, Operational & Insurance Considerations

(4)  CPR & First Aid (Independent Study)

Thanks to support from Northwest Oregon Works, the cost to attend the four-workshop series is just $25, and partners/spouses are welcome to attend for no additional charge.  $25 payments are re-funded upon completion of the four segments, including first-aid certification.  OCCC thanks Jose Hernandez, of LBCC, for his assistance. 

The Fundamentals Session, led by Jose Hernandez, will include:

• Family Childcare Homes/ Childcare Center/Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) 

• Preschool Programs/ School-Age Programs.

• How to begin opening and running a  childcare center

• How to begin opening and running a home-based childcare

• Training and education essentials-background check, etc.

• Home-based care

• Technical assistance for childcare providers

• Business aspects of childcare

• Pricing strategy & budgeting for childcare

• Regulatory agencies & their responsibilities vis-a-vis childcare oversight

• Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

Wed., April 6, 13 & 20  |  5-7:30PM=
NEW LOCATION  |  OCCC NEWPORT  | $25 (Refunded on completion!)
Register Here

Is Childcare a good fit for YOU?

Just as not everyone can be an acrobat, or a pianist, or a swimming teacher, not everyone may be emotionally or physically able to care for children. Here are some things you might think about before deciding to make childcare your profession.

  Do I enjoy children and feel good about spending hours alone with them?

  Can I view caring for children as my major responsibility during childcare hours?

  Do I have the patience and self control necessary to continue to give good quality childcare even in very stressful situations?

  Am I physically able to keep up with active children all day, 5 days (or more) a week?

  Am I able to communicate with parents about such difficult subjects as their children’s behavior or an unpaid bill? 

  Am I able to do the record keeping that will enable my business to be successful?

  Do I understand that childcare is a business that will take time to build? (There is no instant income in childcare!)

  Am I able to provide enough safe space for active children both inside and outside?

  Do I have (or can I get) enough age-appropriate toys and  furniture for the children I plan to care for?

  Am I willing to continue to grow and learn new and better ways to increase the quality of the childcare I offer?

  Is my family supportive of my childcare business?

SOURCE: LBCC Family Connections

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