So, you want to be a Community Education instructor?

Oregon Coast Community College is grateful for the contributions of our growing number of dedicated, generous and expert Community Education instructors. Through OCCC, they are able to share their passion and knowledge with their community, helping provide enriching, engaging and entertaining experiences to their neighbors throughout Lincoln County.

How does it work?

Step 1: Email a brief description (125-word limit) of the course you’d like to teach to Dave Price, OCCC’s Vice President for Engagement. Be sure to include details such as:

    • Number of sessions for your proposed class
    • Preferred dates and times you’d like to teach
    • Location you’d like to teach (OCCC locations in Waldport, Newport or Lincoln City, or other off-campus location)

While OCCC cannot offer every proposed course, often, OCCC staff will meet with potential instructors to discuss the proposed new course(s) and determine whether the course fits the upcoming term, whether appropriate rooms are available, etc. The College reserves the right to reject any proposed course for any reason, whether or not that course has been offered in the past at OCCC.

Step 2: Meet with the Community Education staff members to discuss your proposed class in-person or via Zoom, phone, or email. (First-time instructors generally first start with an email to us, here.)

Step 3: If a proposed course is approved, new instructors must complete a hiring packet that will be sent to them via DocuSign. The DocuSign will include the following requirements:

    • OCCC independent contractor form
    • FERPA training
    • Emergency contact form
    • A criminal background check (review your rights related to background checks)
    • A W-9 form

*Need further assistance? You are welcome to stop by the North County Center during business hours (3788 SE High School Drive Lincoln City, OR 97367)

Community Education FAQs

How long must my class be?

This is totally up to the instructor. Some Community Education courses run for 10 weeks, with 2 or 3 hours per session. Others run just one session. There is no upper or lower limit to class duration. Generally speaking, the longer the class the more expensive it will be, and the harder it may be to fill; thus, longer classes are sometimes more likely to be canceled for lack of enrollment. (See “Are classes guaranteed…,” below.)

Where will I be teaching?

Lincoln County is a big place. We look for Community Education instructors willing to teach in Waldport, Lincoln City, or Newport – thus making our offerings more readily accessible to residents in different areas of the county. Courses have also been offered in other buildings (libraries, community centers, rec centers, etc.) so if you have a course you’d like to offer in Siletz, Toledo, or Rose Lodge, we’re open to exploring options!

How much does it pay?

OCCC Community Education instructors are independent contractors in charge of their own class proposals and setting or approving the dates and times during which their classes may be offered. They earn $30 per hour of instruction. OCCC can not pay for prep time; the $30 per hour rate is for published course hours only. Current instructors: Finished your class? Click here to submit your payment invoice.

What about supplies?

Instructors may charge a supplies/materials fee, payable directly to instructors at the first day of class. However, this fee must be advertised with the initial posting and promotion of the class so that all possible registrants are aware of the fees prior to registration. Further, the list of supplies covered by the fee must be made available to OCCC staff to share with registrants. Where possible, registrants should have the opportunity to secure supplies on their own.

What are minimum instructor qualifications?

While there are technically no minimum qualifications for Community Ed instructors, it is expected that they have a high level of expertise in the subject of their proposed courses. Furthermore, any instructor planning to use A/V, computer or lectern technology in their course, should have a working familiarity with such technology and be able to operate it with minimal direction and support. Instructors without familiarity with OCCC A/V systems are expected to contact the Community Ed team at least a week prior to their first class to schedule an orientation session. (Note: A/V systems are regularly updated; just because you knew how a classroom worked in the fall doesn’t mean you’ll be familiar with the tech in the spring. Best to check in advance!)

Are classes guaranteed to be held as scheduled?

Nope. No matter how compelling every non-credit community education course is, each term a number of classes will fail to meet minimum enrollment. OCCC reserves the right to cancel any community education course for low enrollment or for any other reason within 48 hours of the start of the first session.

Are community education instructors employees or faculty of the college?

No. See “How much does it pay?,” above.  Community Education instructors are independent contractors.