Aquarium Science Practicums

Whether an AQS student is pursuing an Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree or a Certificate in Aquarium Science, they must perform two practicums as part of their aquarium science education. These courses are available during the winter and spring terms and are very important parts of their development as professional aquarists. Each of these terms, a student must perform at least 50 hours of training (typically, one five-hour shift each week) with a professional working in some facet of aquatic animal husbandry at an off-campus facility.

Perhaps a student is interested in additional aquatic life support training, or wishes to round out their aquarium science education by working with aquatic birds or mammals for a term, or is intrigued by the learning opportunities at a nearby fish hatchery. Other opportunities may include shellfish aquaculture, exhibit design and fabrication, larval fish nutrition and behavior analysis, as well as working directly with fish and invertebrates at a public aquarium, marine science research facility or other nearby facility.

AQS practicums provide on the job training with direct mentorship from industry professionals and become an essential part of each student’s aquarium science education. To learn more about the course outcomes for AQS 110 Aquarium Science Practicum I or AQS 111 Aquarium Science Practicum II, please visit the Aquarium Science Course Descriptions page.