OCCC Board Policies

Chapter Four: Academic Affairs

400 Academic Freedom

400 Academic Freedom

Approved by Board of Education:      01/21/2015

Institutions of higher education exist for the common good, and the unfettered search for truth and its free exploration is critical to the common good.

The college seeks to educate its students in the democratic tradition, to foster recognition of individual freedoms and social responsibility, and to inspire meaningful awareness of and respect for a collaborative learning environment.

Freedom of expression will be guaranteed to instructors to create a classroom atmosphere that allows students to raise questions and consider all sides of issues. OCCC instructors are responsible for exercising judgment in selecting topics of educational value for discussion and learning consistent with course requirements, goals, and desired outcomes.

The College will make specific contact information (title, name, phone, email, mailing address) for employees with responsibility for non-discrimination coordination publicly available so that persons having questions about equal opportunity and nondiscrimination at the College are easily able to make such inquiries.


403 Admissions

403 – Admissions

Approved by Board of Education:      07/16/2014

College programs shall be open to all students who have the ability to benefit from those programs, subject to budget limitations. However, the college may require specific academic standards for admission into programs when such standards are necessary for student success. The college has a compelling interest in ensuring student diversity in its programs.

4040 Library and Learning Support Services

4040 – Library and Learning Support Services

References:  NWCCU Standards 2.A.13 and 2.E

OCCC shall have library and Information services that ensure broad access, are supported by appropriate instruction, developed through user-centered planning, and integrated into the learning process.  The Library will maintain compliance with all state and federal regulations and will adhere to all standards as established by NWCCU.

Approved by the Board of Education: 6/19/2019


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