Compensatory Time

When budgeted funds are not available to pay for overtime hours, OCCC may compensate a non-exempt employee in time off at the rate of one and one half (1.5) hours for each overtime hour worked. The employee must agree in advance to receive “comp” time in lieu of overtime pay. All “comp” time must be authorized in advance by the employee’s direct supervisor. An overtime authorization form will be used for that purpose.

In no event will any employee accrue more than 20 hours of “comp” time without the College President’s approval. Comp time must be used in the month in which it was accrued or, in select circumstances, the following month. Such approval will be granted on a case-by-case basis and will include specific time frames for accrual and usage.

Accrued “comp” time hours will be paid off at time of termi-nation of employment.


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