What is Canvas?

Canvas is the platform that OCCC uses to deliver courses and course content online.

Where do I find Canvas?

All Canvas online courses can be accessed through My.OregonCoast.

How do I find my classes within Canvas once I am logged in?

Once you are logged into Canvas, you will see the word Courses displayed to the right of the Oregon Coast logo at the top of the screen.  Hover your mouse over this link and your list of courses will be displayed. If you don’t see your future courses be sure to click on View All/Customize next to Courses.

When do online classes begin?

Canvas online courses begin the same day that face-to-face courses do each term. Depending on the instructor’s preference, some courses may open a little earlier.

What happens if I don’t login to my online course the first week?

Online instructors are required to drop any student who has not attended by Friday of the first week. Attendance is determined by participating in course activities as required by the instructor.

Where do I get my course books?

You will need to contact the bookstore for your required textbook and materials for each course.