Description Skills Funding
Support the operation, maintenance, and management of aquaculture facilities where fish and shellfish are cultivated in a controlled environment. This includes indoor or land-based facilities that use recirculating aquaculture systems(RAS) to conserve water and maintain optimal conditions for aquatic species. System Operation, Fish & Shellfish Husbandry, Water Quality Management, System Maintenance (Pumps and Valves, Filters and Aeration Systems), Harvesting and Stocking, Biosecurity, Record Keeping, Research and Innovation 2022 (received): College received an NSF Menttor Connect grant to build capacity for future submission of NSF ATE Project Grant2024 (October): $350k; NSF ATE grant for colleges NEW to ATE.
Potential: 2024 (Feb/March): FY25 Congressionally Directed Spending

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