mechatronics and automation

Description Skills Funding
The maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of complex mechanical systems with electronic controls. Industrial Safety, Mechanical Systems, Drive Systems,
Electrical Systems, Bearing and Lube Systems, Motors and Controls, Pneumatics/Hydraulics, CAD, Programmable Logic Controls, Sensors and Actuators, Pumps and Valves, Heating and Refrigeration Systems, Automated Material Handling, Process Control and Instrumentation, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance, Welding
2024 (Applied, Feb): $3.6M: FY25 Congressionally Directed Spending

Rolling Application Cycle: EDA “Economic Adjustment Assistance” Program Grant; requires match; must be quick startup; area must be distressed. Average award $650k. 12 – 48 months for Construction Projects; 12 – 24 Months for Non-Construction Projects.

Key: Green = Awarded; Purple = Pending; Orange = Applied or Will Apply; Blue = Under Consideration

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