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As a newly accredited independent community college, all new and continuing students must complete a new application for admission before registering for classes. (A new application is not necessary if you registered for Fall 2020 term.)



Veterans’ Benefits

Oregon Coast Community College students who wish to use Veterans Educational Benefits while attending OCCC should follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Apply with the VA

● Apply for your Veterans Educational Benefits online at ebenefits.va.gov.

● You will need the following to complete your application:

1) VA File Number (also called your VA Claim Number and is often your Social Security Number or if you are a dependent, the veteran’s SSN)

2) DD214’s for each period of active service.

3) Which chapter benefits you are applying for.

● When applying for benefits with the VA choose Portland Community College as your school because OCCC students’ Veterans Educational Benefits are processed through PCC.

● Complete the application at least 6 weeks before you plan on attending classes.

● Your local Veteran Service Office can assist you with your application or in determining which benefit you are eligible to receive. You can contact Lincoln County’s VSO at 541-574-6955 or vets@co.lincoln.or.us.

Step 2: Get admitted to OCCC

● Apply online

● The online admission application is free and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Once you submit your admissions application, you will receive an email with important next steps.

● Note: OCCC has an open admissions policy, but keep in mind limited entry programs (Aquarium Science, Medical Assisting, Nursing and Nursing Assistant) have specific entrance requirements. Please visit that program’s webpage to view their specific requirements.

Step 3: Meet Veterans’ Liaison in student services at 541-867-8503, finaid@oregoncoast.edu

● Meet with OCCC’s Veterans’ Liaison to establish a file with OCCC. finaid@oregoncoast.edu

● Turn in a completed Veteran Services rights and responsibilities and a completed Request for change of program or place of training: Form 22-1995 (for veterans) or a Request for change of program or place of training: Form 22-5495 (for dependents). These can also be found at http://www.pcc.edu/enroll/paying-for-college/veterans/talk-with-a-specialist.html under ‘What do I need to bring?’ or at the front counter of Student Services.

● After talking to the Veterans’ Liaison, submit your class schedule for certification after you register for classes by going onto your MyPCC account, clicking the Paying for College tab, clicking on the Veterans Educational Benefits option, and selecting the term that you want certified from the drop down menu. You will need to submit your schedule at the beginning of every term.

Step 4: Apply for financial aid

● Use financial aid in addition to your Veterans Educational Benefits to get the maximum amount of money for school.

● Apply online at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

● When applying for financial aid use Oregon Coast Community College’s school code 042837

● Applications take 6-8 weeks to process.

Transfer Credit and VA Benefits

Students using any type of Federal Veterans Administration (VA) Education Benefit are required to have all prior credit history evaluated. It is the student’s responsibility to request official transcripts from all previous colleges and submit them to OCCC. Students must also complete and submit the Transfer Credit Evaluation request found on MyPCC. A student’s first term of VA benefits may be certified while waiting for transcript evaluation, however no subsequent terms will be certified for VA Benefits until transfer credit evaluation is complete. All credits will be evaluated and transferred according to the policies stated in this catalog.

Residency for Veterans

A person eligible for benefits under the federal Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008 (38 U.S.C Section 3301 et seq.) or any other federal law authorizing educational benefits to veterans shall be entitled to Oregon resident status for purposes of tuition and fees charged at Oregon Coast Community College. Students seeking a change in their residency status should contact Enrollment Services at 541-867-8501.

Because benefits are certified through Portland Community College, more information can be found on PCC’s website at http://www.pcc.edu/enroll/paying-for-college/veterans/.



If you’re ready to earn your GED, OCCC has classes designed to prepare you for the GED tests, and the Newport OCCC campus also serves as a GED test site.

Click here for additional information, and a link to the application form.


Looking to improve your English skills? Start here.

Community Education

If you’re looking for personal enrichment courses and not seeking college credit, explore OCCC’s lineup of compelling, affordable and engaging Community Education courses, here. 

Small Business Courses

If you’re seeking the lineup of classes designed for Lincoln County business owners, click here.


The Application Process

High school graduates or non high school graduates 16 years or older are eligible for admissions to Oregon Coast Community College. If you are less than 16 years old, please click here and select the “Underage Students” tab, at the bottom of the page. For more details, contact Student Services at 541-867-8501 for information about underage admissions.

Complete the online application form that fits your situation (above). It’s free and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Once you submit your admissions application, you will receive an email with important next steps regarding advising and placement, new student orientation, registering for classes, financial aid, and buying books and supplies.

New Student Orientations

New student orientations and advising sessions are offered each term to welcome new students and familiarize them with academic policies and procedures, on-campus services and the registration process. Review the New Student Checklist if you are new to OCCC and need to know if a new student orientation is your next step.

Campus Visits

The College welcomes individual and group campus tours and individual college classroom visits. College faculty and staff are available to speak to students in area high schools. For information contact Student Services at 541-867-8501.

Limited-Entry Programs

Although OCCC has an open admissions policy, our limited entry programs  have specific entrance requirements. Visit each degree or certificate page to view the specific requirements for each. (Find them all under “Academics” in the top menu, or click here.)

Important: You’ll need to correct your FAFSA

If you have already completed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you’ll need to update the form with OCCC’s new Financial Aid number, 042837

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