Transfers & Promotions

Employees may request transfer to a classification of equal or lesser responsibility through the Job Posting system (see Policy 712). If transferred to a classification within the same range of pay, an employee’s salary rate will not change. If an employee accepts a transfer to a lower classification, the salary rate will be established at the first step of the lower range. With the approval of the President, the second step level may be established for a transfer to a lower classification in the event the employee transferring has directly applicable job skills.

Promotional appointments will typically be made at the first step of the new salary range. However, the promotion is not intended to cause a decrease in employee pay either currently or which would result from obtaining an anniversary date had the employee remained in the previous classification. Therefore, promotional appointments will insure that the employee receives a salary at least one step higher than the salary the employee would have been earning had s/he remained in the previous classification, provided that the higher step is within the position’s salary range.


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