Students are expected to attend all class meetings of the courses in which they are enrolled. Students are also responsible for all class work assigned.

Withdrawal Procedure:

Students must observe withdrawal deadlines and officially withdraw from a course, if they stop attending classes.

Attendance Rules, Absences, and Grades

Absences may affect a student’s grade. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain attendance rules from each instructor and obtain instructions for missed assignments, particularly in the case of late enrollment. Student performance suffers from repeated absences. If one must miss a class meeting, it is highly desirable to contact the instructor beforehand or as soon as possible after returning.

Absences due to participation in college-sponsored field trips, or intercollegiate functions trips may be excused through prior arrangement with instructors. Financial Aid programs have specific attendance requirements. Contact Financial Aid for more information at 541-867-8525.

Absences Have Consequences:

Multiple absences without an official withdrawal by the drop/withdrawal deadline, may result in a grade of “F” for a course. In order to avoid receiving a failing grade if a student stops attending a course, it is her/his responsibility to officially withdraw from the course before each term’s withdrawal deadline.