OCCC SER | Prepared August 2019

Supporting Documentation for SER Introduction &
Response to Commission Recommendations

Brief Update

on Changes Since

Last Report

Core Theme Indicator Scorecards

Mission Fulfillment Scorecard

Assessment Plan

Service and Program Area Review (SPAR) Schedule

New College Council Charter

OCCC Online Application to Department of Education

11-Year Planning Grid

Migration and Continuity Plan

Board Policy Manual

Amended and Restated Educational Service Agreements between
Oregon Coast Community College and Portland Community College

2014 OCCC/PCC Educational Services Agreement

2016 OCCC/PCC Educational Services Agreement

2019 OCCC/PCC Educational Services Agreement



Core Theme Assessment Tables: Student Success& Educational Pathways

Core Theme Indicator Scorecards

Mission Fulfillment Scorecard

Fall 2018 In-service Agenda


Consultant Report 2018, OCCC Finance and Operations Review

OCCA Board Policy Services Description

Board Policy Manual Chapter 6: Business and Fiscal Affairs

Finance and Operations Policy and Practices

3 OCCC Planning Ecosystem

Core Theme Assessment Table: Educational Pathways

Core Theme Indicator Scorecard:Educational Pathways

SPARE – Instructional Review Template


11-Year Planning Grid

Assessment Plan

Instructional Leadership Team Description

ICAT Executive Summary 2017-18

BOE Self-Evaluations (2014, 2016, 2019)

College Council Minutes

Sharing Your Views on Governance

Campus Climate Survey for Employees


OCCC Institutional Response to the Initial Candidacy Evaluation Report

BOE Retreat Agenda, September 2018

Fall 2018 In-service Agenda

College Council Minutes, June 6, 2018