OCCC SER | Prepared August 2019

Chapter Three: Institutional Planning


Evidence required
3.A.1 Ongoing and Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Institutional Planning Process

11-Year Planning Grid

OCCC Planning Ecosystem

Environmental Scan 2019

OCCC’s Five Big Ideas Strategic Framework

OCCC Assessment Plan | Assessment Plan (Comprehensive Document)

Enrollment Management Plan 2014

North County Enrollment Report

Memo on Growth Management Component

OCCC Master Plan (Mahlum Architects) 1998

2008 Site and Building Plan Addendum to Master

2017 Addendum: WERC Building

HECC Memo re: Community College Capital Requests, 2016

2018-19 College Budget: Assumptions

2018-19 College Budget: Process Calendar

2018-19 College Budget: Budget Message

3.A.2 Planning is Broad-Based with Opportunities for Input

Employee Campus Climate Survey Instrument

2018-19 College Budget: Process Calendar

2018-19 College Budget: Forum Invitation

3.A.3 Planning is Informed by Data

11-Year Planning Grid

Core Theme Assessment Data Frames

Core Theme Assessment Tables: Student Success& Educational Pathways

Fall In-Service Agenda 2018

Core Theme Indicator Scorecards

Mission Fulfillment Scorecard

3.A.4 Resource Allocation

Budget Message for 2018-19

3.A.5 Emergency Preparedness & Contingency Planning Emergency Response & Continuity of Operations Plan; Hazardous Materials & Waste

COOP Plan Nursing General Disaster 2017

COOP Plan Nursing Clinical Affiliates Strike 2017

COOP Plan AQS 2017

COOP Plan Foundation 2017

2019-2020 Budget Message