OCCC SER | Prepared August 2019

Chapter Four: Core Theme Planning, Effectiveness, and Improvement

ER 22 Student Achievement BP 2200: Board of Education Duties and Responsibilities

BP 2430: Delegation of Authority to the College President

Chart of Responsibility and Authority

Classified Collective Bargaining Agreement 2019-2021

Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement 2018-2021

College Council Webpage

College Practices and Procedures

Faculty Handbook 2017-2018

OCCC Foundation Webpage

ER 23 Institutional Effectiveness

OCCC Self-Evaluation Reports for NWCCU

Institutional Effectiveness Webpage

11-year Planning Grid

Migration and Continuity Plan

OCCC Planning Ecosystem Diagram

2019 Environmental Scan

Core Theme Indicator Scorecards

Mission Fulfillment Scorecard

3.B.1 Core Theme Planning

College Goals and Strategic Priorities

Institutional Planning Levels Diagram

Core Theme Indicator Scorecards – Student Success and Educational Pathways

CTE Program Selection Rubric

3.B.2 & 3 Core Theme Planning

11-year Planning Grid

Core Theme Indicator Scorecards

CTE Program Selection Rubric

Assessment Plan

SPARC Template – Instructional Programs

SPARC Template – Service Areas

SPARE Template – Service Areas

SPARE Template – Instructional Programs

4.A.1 Assessment

Fall In-Service Agendas

Core Theme Planning Team Notes (Jan. 25, 2019)

4.A.2 Faculty Role in Assessment SPARC Template – Instruction

SPARC Template – Service Areas

SPARE Template – Instruction

SPARE Template – Service Areas

SPAR Schedule

Completed SPARC/SPARE Examples:

                  Library SPARC

                  Adult Basic Skills SPARE

                  Math SPARC

4.A.3 Documenting Student Achievement Assessment Plan

Completed Outcomes Assessments:

                  AQS 216


                  WR 121

                  GS 106