Student Accessibility Services


Students can face many challenges when attending college, but disabilities can present their own specific complications, unless a college is committed to working towards a fair and equitable learning environment for all students. The student body may include those with visible disabilities, sometimes requiring mobility aids like wheelchairs, to those with invisible disabilities such as attention disorders, dyslexia, or arthritis. In working towards making the learning environment accessible for the differently abled, we often end up making changes that benefit all students.


Make sure to use the syllabus template that includes information for students with disabilities. The template can be found on the Faculty and Staff Resource page. Please consider adding additional information as well regarding the ways that you are prepared to support all of your students in their academic success.

Accommodation request process

When a student has met with the Vice President for Student Affairs and has received an accommodation, you will be notified with an Office of Disability Services Accommodation Form. This form identifies the student and lists the types of accommodations they require.

Common examples of accommodations
  • Classroom assistance (such as a notetaker),
  • Testing or quiz taking accommodations such as extended time, using the Testing Center, a scribe or reader, etc.
  • Alternative format for materials, such as allowing the use of a computer, larger font sizes, or colored paper
  • Classroom accommodations such as seating, furniture configuration, etc.
  • Movement or breaks
  • Additional materials, such as physical copies of lecture slides
  • Recording lectures for later review

Please follow all FERPA regulations with any documents or information regarding student disabilities.

Student Self-Disclosure

Students may or may not inform you of their disability. If a student voluntarily discloses to you and they do not already have an accommodation, recommend that they make an appointment with the Vice President for Student Affairs. Students can do this through their advisor, or by stopping by, calling, or emailing Student Services. Please remember that speaking up about a disability can be very personal and stressful for many students.

If you would like more information on accessibility or accommodations, see the resources in the sidebar, or contact Student Services

If you have comments or concerns, please contact the Vice President of Student Affairs at or 541-867-8511.

Would you like to get more involved in making our campus a more inclusive place? Consider joining the Equity and Inclusion Committee. Contact Ben Kaufmann at for more information.