Your Business & Finance Awakening

A workshop for women entrepreneurs and business owners on the Oregon Coast

Thursday, January 27  |  9 am to Noon  | Cost $15 (supports scholarships for women)
Live, Via Zoom  |  Link Emailed to All Registrants

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Many women entrepreneurs face barriers in financial markets, securing and financing commercial space, and legal/business structure challenges. A study conducted among 27,000 US-based, women-owned small businesses revealed that women business owners successfully secure nearly 50% less in funding than their male counterparts.  This workshop aims to help women better position themselves to engage in negotiation for access to capital. It will also focus on strategies designed to help in pricing products and services to maximize profitability.

Featured speaker

Lanette Fidrych

Your time and expertise: What’s it worth?

Learn how to price your goods to create solid margins to scale and grow. Business owners often get caught undervaluing their product by not factoring in the true value of their time and expertise. This common mistake will leave you working harder, for less money. Understanding the true cost and retail value of your product is the key to strong margins and making your dream profitable.

Lanette Fidrych is the founder of Cycle Dog Earth Friendly Pet Company.  What started as one sewing machine in her basement is now a full factory operation employing 30 people in Northwest Portland.  Cycle Dog products are sold nationwide and in over 20 countries.



Featured speaker

Lisa Brumm

F.A.T. Bottom Lines – Rock Your Profits in Business!

Entrepreneurs usually are focused on their craft or service, and tend to pay less attention to their profits or revenue.  F.A.T. Bottom Lines is a presentation that focuses on how business owners can set themselves up for success in a financial system that immediately helps them determine their break-even price point and where to increase revenue without spending more hours on their business.

Working in banking and the financial industry, Lisa Brumm witnessed again and again instances when women were not taken seriously, and yet, women are an economic purchasing force in the U.S.  “As women, we do everything together. We talk about our relationships together, we go shopping together, and we go to the bathroom together… but the one thing we don’t do together is talk about our money openly and without shame!”

As a 33-year financial professional and a champion for women, Lisa started her own company in 2017 called My Financial Girlfriend after banging her head on the conference room table during too many 8 a.m. sales meetings where the common method was forcing representatives to push products – rather than build long-term relationships.   Lisa trains women advisors to be your Financial Girlfriends too!  Those you come to and discuss your money issues with and seek a plan of action effortlessly and with purpose.

Thursday, January 27  |  9 am to Noon
Live, Via Zoom  |  Link Emailed to All Registrants

An Oregon Coast SBDC Workshop Hosted by Small Business Management Coordinator Misty Lambrecht

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