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Associated Student Government (ASG)

Graduation is always a time to honor and congratulate those who successfully complete their studies and begin the next chapter of their lives. At the same time, a new cadre of student leaders evolve. In this article you will meet five of them: Jessica Eubank, Samantha Valentine, Erin Watanabe, Harmony Zelinka, and Kasiah Buck.  Here is what they had to say.

The Associated Student Government of Oregon Coast Community College (ASG) is the official organization representing Oregon Coast Community College students. OCCC students you are encouraged to attend meetings and events sponsored by ASG.

As constituents of OCCC, students are free to express their views on issues of institutional policy and on matters of general interest to the students. The students and/or their association are given the opportunity to provide input in the formulation and application of institutional policy. To this end, students are encouraged to attend OCCC Board of Education meetings.

Only Members of the Associated Student Government of OCCC (ASGOCCC) approve the chartering of student organizations subject to the approval of the Vice President Student Affairs. Student organizations will be required to submit a statement of purpose, criteria for membership, and rules of procedures before the granting of a charter, as outlined in the ASGOCCC constitution and by-laws.


I was born in Hillsboro, OR. Currently, I am working on a science degree at OCCC. Starting in the Fall, I will transfer to OSU studying biology. The duo credit program has been great for me particularly since I did not qualify for any student aid. My tuition was covered by a Pell Grant. For extra money, I work at T-Mobile. I really feel like the faculty care at OCCC. They want you to succeed.

I am passionate about the community. That is what inspired me to get involved in student government. It is fun and rewarding. I love seeing how projects work from ground up. The opportunities at OCCC and as a member of ASG are huge. Like a butterfly effect, it impacts the whole community.



I was born in Cottage Grove, OR. After twenty years working in accounting, I wanted a change in careers. I began volunteering at ODFW (Orgon Department of Fish and Wildlife) and became very interested in hatcheries. I am now a student in the AQS program at OCCC.

For me, financial aid is based on a 20-year career which I am no longer doing. I am thankful for scholarships. Donations enable students like me to follow our dreams. It is like paying forward.

One of the current projects of ASG is the Needs Closet proposal we are working on. It would help alleviate insecurities students experience by providing non-perishable food and hygiene items.



I was born in Mankato, MN, moved to Glendale, AZ when I was nine and when to high school in Peoria, AZ. I visited Oregon to see a big basketball tournament in Salem. While visiting, we took a day trip to the coast and I knew I wanted to apply to OCCC. I didn’t want to attend a big campus. Here, the faculty and staff do a wonderful job helping in whatever way they can. They really do put students first.

I am currently studying environmental science and sustainability. My hobbies include gardening, agate collecting, exploring the outdoors and playing “Dungeons and Dragons” twice a week.

Joining ASG helps me grow through experiences. I would invite other OCCC students to not be afraid to get more involved or to ask for help if you need it. There are so many resources out there that help students.

Thank you to donors for supporting your local schools and being great examples of how to give back when you are in the position to.



I am from Newport and graduated from Newport High. I first heard about OCCC at one of the career fairs. Although I am not in a degree program, I might work on getting a BA in history or something in health care and go to medical school I am just uncertain of what I want to do. I am lucky enough to live with my parents who are supporting my education.

I joined ASG because I wanted to get more involved in the community and meet more people. Becoming a member of ASG is easy. You complete an application and write why you are interested in joining; what projects you are passionate about; and what you hope to achieve. For me, I can see food insecurity as being a real issue for some classmates.



I am studying to transfer for a BA in English or Psychology. I don’t qualify for financial aid, but my work has a tuition reimbursement program that I am utilizing to pursue my goals. Fortunately, my schedule is flexible.

Becoming a member of ASG was really getting out of my comfort zone. I am pretty introverted but learned that by forcing myself, great things can happen.

I think we are all here for the same reason. Even if you don’t see it, getting involved helps you meet new friends, helps keep you busy which actually reduces stress because you are not dwelling on it.

One thing I like about ASG at OCCC is that we all have such diverse lives and yet we get along and work for a common good.


Thank you, everyone!

For more information on how you, as an OCCC student may become a member of ASG, contact Dana Gallup at and visit the ASG website on student rights and responsibilities at