‘Why I Give’
featuring Brian Haggerty

I first met Brian when he starred in a production at Oregon Coast Council for the Arts. When I joined the staff at OCCC, his name appeared again as a monthly donor. Inspired by his continued support of OCCC and students, I approached Brian. In his own words Brian says the following.

I was born in the Portland area and attended Clackamas High School. Upon graduation, I moved to East Lansing, MI to attend Michigan State University. I was always a good writer. I suppose having an English teacher as a mother helped a bit. It seemed natural to study journalism and earn a BA degree in that field.

It turned out journalism was not for me.

I found a job with H&R Block preparing taxes and found that I enjoyed not only the preparation of taxes but delving into the IRS Code. I stayed with H&R Block from 1986 to 1997. While there, I decided to return to school and study to become either an attorney or a CPA. On a bit of a whim, I took the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and was admitted to Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland.

In 1998, after passing the bar exam, I moved to Newport and joined the firm, Minor, Bandonis & Haggerty, PC. Almost twenty-three years later, I am still with the same firm, specializing in Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts and Elder Law.

I teach Estate Planning part time at OCCC as part of the continuing education program, open to the public. Through the years I have found that many people do not understand ownership or how property can be transferred to your chosen beneficiaries. I try to raise awareness by educating people on what they need to know. As I always say, your Estate Plan is the last thing you will say on Earth. It should be correct and should reflect what you want.

Education is important on all levels. I see community colleges as reachable and achievable avenues for education. An AA degree gives a student an opportunity to see what it is like to take college courses at a lower cost.

To OCCC students I would say, stay in school. An education opens doors for you. This is particularly important in the 21st Century. Even students in the trades face a very technological world. Computers touch almost every aspect of life. Besides the practical information, education teaches us how to learn: how to find the information required and how to learn new things.

Those of you who are donors, or are considering becoming donors, the whole community needs to be behind education for younger people and it is easier than you think. My wife, Linda, and I together have five children and four grandkids. Through planned giving, we can provide for them while supporting a favorite charity.

Whether you write a monthly check or give through planned giving, you do not have to be a Jeff Bezos to make a substantial donation. I donate monthly, so I do not have to think about it. It comes directly from my paycheck. For the price of a latte or two, I can make a difference in the future of Lincoln County. I hope you join me.

Brian has generously donated monthly to OCCC since 2008. Thank you, Brian!