Donor Spotlight:

TLC, a Division of Fibre Federal Credit Union



In 2005, TLC, a Division of Fibre Federal Credit Union, created the TLC Federal Credit Union Scholarship Fund benefiting a second-year OCCC student to “help defray tuition costs, textbooks, and other fees.” For seventeen years this support has been unwavering. It is with great pleasure and sincere appreciation that the OCCC Foundation spotlights such a philanthropic organization. 

On behalf of TLC, I interviewed Crystal Garrison, Marketing & Community Development Manager. As Crystal explains… 

In 1937, 63 employees of Longview Fibre Company founded Fibre Federal Credit Union by pooling $315 and a dream of affordable loans for credit union members. Over the years, we grew into one of the largest credit unions in the Lower Columbia region. In 2015, we added TLC, a Division of Fibre Federal Credit Union to our Fibre Family, expanding our service area to the Oregon Coast. 

As a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative, we’re not worried about making money for shareholders. Our members are part of our “Fibre Family.” We ensure they feel welcome, secure, and supported as they plan for their financial future. Everything we earn goes right back to providing outstanding financial services to our members and making our community a better place through donations, sponsorships, and volunteerism.

Our vision is to impact the way our members achieve their financial goals through exceptional relationships, services, and products as the strongest regional financial institution in our local communities. 

Fibre Federal and TLC supports communities within its service area across eleven counties in Washington and Oregon. Although many donations and sponsorships are tied to small communities we serve, some reach outside of our immediate service areas. We support organizations of greater scale, like community colleges and hospitals, which may reach people from areas outside our service areas. 

I am the Marketing & Community Development Manager. I oversee four employees who cover and serve our members throughout our eleven chartered counties in Oregon and Washington. On the marketing side, we umbrella all advertising and branding aspects for the credit union. On the community development side, we oversee all donations and sponsorships, volunteers, advocacy, and financial education.

I have been with the credit union for seven years now. I have advanced through many various positions, meeting new people, learning new things, and growing myself and my career along the way.

Part of our credo as a credit union is to give back to the communities we serve and improve the health and educational opportunities within those communities. When we first began the Communities First Program in 2018, we selected community colleges and hospitals within our service areas that provide extensive programs and opportunities for local citizens. Oregon Coast Community College was a natural choice because of its proximity to one of our financial services centers and its overall positive impact on its students and community. 

As a credit union, we are motivated by the growth and development of our membership, from first savings accounts, to first homes, to retirement planning, and everything in between. Our organization is built on helping people thrive financially, but we have roots tied to our communities that extend beyond finances and help people develop health and educational strengths too. We are inspired by growth and improvement, and we consistently support organizations and events that help people pursue and achieve goals. 

OCCC students, hold tightly to whatever motivates you and inspires you. You may be one person, but you could be the spark that starts something big, whether it’s a new way of thinking, a new kind of technology, or a new movement. Stay true to your goals, get familiar with your resources, and go change the world for the better! 

OCCC donors, Oregon Coast Community College offers vibrant and extensive academic opportunities for students, as well as educational opportunities for community members of all ages. Supporting OCCC is an investment in the development of future businesspeople and community leaders, and it’s an investment that will last for generations.