Creative Writing Workshop

Workshop is vital for writers who want to improve upon a specific piece of writing or their writing style in general. The workshop experience and constructive criticism is meant to help writers better understand the complex relationship between a piece of literature and its audience.

Though it can feel uncomfortable, it is meant to produce respectful suggestions for improvement and to give an opportunity to express appreciation for what needs no improvement. Both novice and professional writers are welcome but this is not an introductory or instructive writing course. It is designed for the writer who has a piece (or pieces) that they are wanting constructive criticism for.

Each writer will have two, thirty minute maximum length opportunities to read their work to the group and receive feedback. Copies of the writing sample need to be provided for the group when you are slotted for your reading. The first class meeting will be orientation. We will discuss the course details at that time as well as guidelines for the constructive criticism. The remaining four classes will be practical application of feedback.

Lincoln City

Tuesday & Thursdays • 5:30pm-8:30pm
(First class 5:30-7:30pm)
April 25-May 4 • NOTE: Class now begins April 25
Tuition:  $50
Instructor: Kimberly Shott

Register here or call 541-996-6222.

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