Achieving Associate Part-Time Faculty Status

Please review collective bargaining language carefully to see if you may be eligible for associate part-time faculty status. 

 Article VI Section C:

“1. Faculty who have been employed by the College for a total of nine (9) of the previous twelve (12) terms and who have obtained a satisfactory evaluation for such purpose are eligible for associate part-time faculty status. To obtain associate part-time faculty status, faculty shall request in writing on a form available at the College an evaluation for associate part-time faculty status. Any performance evaluations completed in either of the two terms immediately preceding the date of the faculty member’s request may be used for this purpose.

2. Faculty with associate part-time faculty status will be given course assignments, provided sufficient courses for which they are qualified to teach are planned.

3. Associate part-time faculty may request a projection of annual assignments in writing for the following academic year. Associate part-time faculty who desire a projected assignment must notify the Chief Academic Officer/designee in writing by March 15. The projection will be for the following academic year, beginning summer term. Requesting faculty will be notified in writing by April 15 of the following academic year’s projected course(s). The notice will include the courses projected to be taught. Faculty will reply in writing to the Chief Academic Officer/designee within ten (10) College business days of receipt of the CAO’s notice, indicating whether or not they will accept the projected courses.

4. The College will attempt to avoid deviations from projected annual assignments, although the College may change projected annual assignments due to any variety of circumstances. Projected assignments do not replace the Confirmation of Teaching Assignment (CTA).

5. The College need not assign courses or other work to associate part-time faculty if:

a. The associate part-time faculty is not qualified to teach the course(s) to be offered or perform the available work;

b. The associate part-time faculty does not accept the assignment at the time or place designated;

C. The associate part-time faculty has received an unsatisfactory evaluation and has failed to meet the requirements of a performance improvement plan within the following two terms in which the faculty is teaching;

d. For just cause as specified in this Agreement;

e. An associate part-time faculty has refused assignments for four (4) consecutive terms, not to include Summer term. This provision shall not

apply to terms in which the faculty member is on an approved leave of absence;

f. Assignment of courses or work is made to full-time or three-quarter-time faculty in order to satisfy full-time or three-quarter-time work assignments;

g. Insufficient classes are scheduled;

h. Funding is reduced or insufficient; or courses or work are canceled, as determined by the College.”

How Do I Apply for Associate Part-Time Faculty Status?

If you believe you are ready to obtain associate part-time faculty status, the next step is to fill out a request form. Once the form is completed you will hear back from your supervisor regarding the status of your request.