Faculty Evaluations

Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC) is committed to the ensuring that all faculty have an evaluation that provides an opportunity for an interactive conversation that leads to professional growth and acknowledgement of the faculty commitments for student success.

Faculty Commitments for Student Success
  1. Creating an inclusive classroom environment that is sensitive to and respectful of student diversity.
  2. An interest in teaching across the curriculum and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  3. Giving students access to learning where and when it supports their success (days, evenings, weekends; at all of our locations; as well as on-line).
  4. A passion for pedagogy and commitment to continuous improvement.
  5. Excitement about technology; already savvy or excited to learn.
  6. Collaborative engagement outside of the classroom to improve institutional outcomes for our students and staff.
  7. An entrepreneurial mindset and propensity to “see what is possible”.
  8. Faculty ownership and leadership in the classroom, discipline, and College.
  9. Collegiality and respect for everyone.
  10. Excited about and committed to advancing OCCC’s future: independent accreditation, growth in access and programs, and a great place to work.
Evaluation of Faculty

Probationary Faculty (full time and three-quarter)

    • Probationary Faculty Evaluation and Development Process overview

Probationary Faculty

Probationary Full-Time Faculty Evaluation & Development Process Overview

Probationary faculty at OCCC will participated in an annual evaluation cycle to support their continued
growth and development over three (3) years. Probationary appointments faculty may be reappointed
annually based on satisfactory performance. After three (3) years of successful performance at
probationary appointment status, full-time faculty will be appointed to continuous appointment status.
An effective evaluation system helps the College to assure and improve the quality of its instruction and
programs. It affords the opportunity for professional growth and improvement. Evaluation related to
the improvement of instructional effectiveness is a requirement of the College’s accreditation.

Evaluation of full-time faculty consists of two distinct components:

  • The performance of assigned job duties and related responsibilities.
    These duties and responsibilities encompass:
    -  All aspects of teaching and student interface
    -  Other professional responsibilities
    These duties and responsibilities are documented in:
     – The faculty position description in which the probationary faculty was hired
     – The 10 faculty commitments for student success
     – The faculty hand book and elsewhere in college administrative procedures(catalog, Title IX, etc.)
      – Annual individual development plans developed as part of probationary evaluations
    Professional development activities to ensure continued excellence in teaching and keepingpace with changing technology and knowledge in the discipline.

Part-time faculty that are new to instruction with OCCC

Full time faculty, in an ongoing faculty status and part time faculty not in their first term assignment