Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC) is committed to the ensuring that all recruitments are conducting in a manner consistent with the our OCCC values of:

  • Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions and commit to transparent practices.
  • Collaboration: We purposefully build partnerships to achieve common goals.
  • Excellence: We hold ourselves to the highest standards and are committed to continuously improving the work we do.
  • Inspiration: We show curiosity, illuminate new possibilities and ignite the joy of thinking well.
  • Integrity: We act with honesty and authenticity to foster a culture of ethics and respect that embodies our work and serves the community.
  • Learning: We celebrate the life-long process of developing valuable knowledge and skills.
  • Sustainability: We are responsible stewards of our financial, material, natural and human resources.
  • Equity: We embrace diversity and address the inequities and barriers that prevent people from learning and working to their full potential

Recruitment process: From position descriptions to hire!

Recruitment Process

When a position becomes vacant or a new position is allocated, there is a review or development of the position description.  The position description (pd) provides a summary of the position, level of supervision, authority within the organization, essential function of the position, and the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) for the classification.

The required and preferred qualifications for each position align with the classification of the position.

  • required qualifications are the required education level and discipline, experience, certifications, licensure or credentials are the that an individual must have to perform the functions of the position.
  • preferred qualifications are additional education, experience, certification, licensure that are not required to perform the function of the position, but are a preference.

The position description is the building block of the recruitment process, as the advertising text and selection criteria are built from it.

  1. Positions are posted at the local, regional or national level depending upon position type.  Faculty and management position are available for  applications for a minimum of 30 days and will have a national advertising presence.  Classified staff positions will be advertised for a minimum of 14 days with local advertising venues with regional being an option.
  2. Depending upon the classification, either a Screening  Committee or a Panel process are used to screen applicants. The committee and panel, review application materials using approved selection criteria to move applicants to the next stage of screening.  Before the review of application materials, Human Resources provides with an overview of protocol for application review.
  3. A recommendation is made on applicants to be further considered for the position by either Screening Committee or the Panel.
  4. Applicant pools are reviewed and approved, by Human Resources, before onsite/zoom interviews are scheduled.
  5. Candidates are interviewed using approved interview questions. Before interviewing of candidates, Human Resources provides with an overview of protocol for interview process.
  6. The strengths and weaknesses of each candidate in a non-ranked order, are made to the hiring authority by either Screen Committee chair/Hiring Authority or the Panel Hiring Manger.
  7. References are checked.
  8. Offer of employment is made
  9. Individuals no longer being considered are contacted

The two recruitment processes at OCCC:

The Panel

The Panel process is to be used for the recruitment of classified and confidential staff, and is an option for the recruitment of manager level positions.

Panel process

The supervisor, subject matter expert (SME), and panel members are required to attend a meeting with Human Resources prior to the start of the screening interviews.

Tool Kit

Screening Committee

The Screening Committee process is to be used for the recruitment of faculty and management positions.

Screening Committee

All Screening committees will need to meet with the Human Resources prior to the start of the search. All Screening  committee members will be expected to attend this meeting.

Tool Kit


The Applicant Screening (used with both the panel and screening committee):

Applicant Screening

Applicant Screening

Applicant screening is a very important part of the recruitment process.  The tools below can be used for either a Search and Screen Panel or Search and Screen Committee Meeting.

Tool Kit