College Strategic Goals and Priorities

The work of the college is directed by the Five Big Ideas Strategic Framework (2015 to 2023).

Number 1

The OCCC Diploma: The College will pursue NWCCU Independent Accreditation, beginning with earning Applicant status by 2016, achieving Accreditation Candidate status by 2018, and meeting criteria for Independent Accreditation by 2022.

Number 2

Student Success, 1000 FTE by 2025: The College will double enrollment to meet needs for education, raise educational attainment and grow a college-going culture and narrow achievement gaps in Lincoln County. Doing so will create fiscal stability for the college. The college will take a multi-pronged approach to growth, including:

    1. Increase retention and completion of all students.
    2. Increase utilization rate of all three sites (North, Central, South).
    3. Add high demand and cost-effective career technical education (CTE) programs of study tied to local employment and/or unique local resources (connect with OSU MSI).
    4. Increase breadth of AAOT offerings at Newport and Lincoln City, with transfer tracks such as Business and STEM (connect with OSU MSI).
    5. Robust programming with LCSD to accelerate early college and increase the number of HS grads who choose OCCC.
    6. Equity and inclusion initiatives with those underserved by OCCC, close achievement gaps.
    7. Increase partnerships with baccalaureate degree-granting institutions to bring additional higher education opportunities to Lincoln County Workforce education and community education will likely grow to be an additional key focus of the college.
Number 3

Make OCCC A Great Place to Work: It is essential that OCCC attract, develop and maintain the best people who reflect the diversity of our current and future students. We will create a work environment and culture that manifests our values, allows people to excel at what they do best, and keeps them with us for reasons in addition to compensation.

Number 4

Comprehensive Strategic Planning process: The College will develop comprehensive and sustained planning processes connecting planning with budget and resource allocation to reach strategic and operational goals.

Number 5

OCCC Will become an Agile and Flexible Organization: The College will develop the organizational structures and fiscal resources to allow us to fulfill our mission. OCCC will respond creatively and positively to the significant changes that will occur over the eight-year strategic plan period.