Students may repeat a course in which they received a low or unsatisfactory grade, i.e., a D or F. Students who wish to repeat a course and have the original grade changed in the transcript need to contact the Enrollment Services Coordinator at the Central County Center to change the first grade to R (Repeated). If a lower grade is received for the repeated course, both grades will appear on the transcript. An original mark of N or I may not be changed by repeating a course. An R grade is not included when computing a grade point average (GPA), nor are courses with an R grade counted when determining the total number of credit hours earned. (More info about Grade Definitions, here.) When registering for a repeated course, students must follow regular registration procedures.

Financial aid or veterans’ educational benefits may not be used for repeated courses. Students receiving financial aid or veterans’ education benefits should contact Student Services before repeating a course.

Some courses may be taken more than once for credit (i.e., ART 281, FA 256 and 257, MUP 100, MUS 197, and TA 285). In these cases, the grades of the repeated courses will reflect in the cumulative grade point average. It is strongly recommended that students who have questions about repeating courses for additional credits contact an advising specialist for further clarification.


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