There are five different Endorsements that can be pursued through the OCCC/WOU elementary teaching transfer pathway: 

  1. Mathematics
  2. Science
  3. Social Studies
  4. Language Arts
  5. Spanish


The proposed classes above will also prepare a student to enter the Early Childhood/Elementary Pathway (but the math and science requirements are above what is needed).

If a student is pursuing the Spanish Endorsement, then they either need to take the extra 5 credits of Spanish every term, or they need to come into the program with two years of college-level Spanish (likely earned in high school).

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Education, including an initial Oregon Teaching License in four years.  During the first three years, students complete required general education, teaching content courses, and pre-education courses.  During their final year, they complete the Professional Licensure Program (visit our application page for requirements to be admitted into this program).  Students can prepare to teach:

Early Childhood/Elementary Preparation (BS) (2017-18) – age 3 through grade 8 (teaches all subjects)

Elementary/Middle Preparation – grades 3 through 9 (2017-18) (teaches all subjects plus one specific content area)

·       Language Arts (BS) (2017-18)

·       Math (BS) (2017-18)

·       Science (BS) (2017-18)

·       Social Science (BS) (2017-18)

·       Spanish (BA) (2017-18)

Oregon Coast Community College