AAS Aquarium Science
Learning Outcomes

Aquarium Science Certificate Role Description

Students admitted into the one-year certificate program will receive a Certificate of Completion in Aquarium Science after successfully completing the core curriculum and full composition of Aquarium Science courses. Click on the link below to view the one year certificate curriculum map for the program. Applicants for the one year certificate program must have completed a Bachelors degree or higher in Life Sciences or related field of study.

1. Effectively communicate, verbally and in writing, scientific concepts, research findings and ideas to professionals and the general public.

2. Maintain, analyze, diagnose and repair aquarium life support systems and their components.

3. Perform basic water quality analysis using standard testing equipment.

4. Maintain healthy animals through proper set-up, monitoring and accepted animal husbandry practices

5. Identify physically compromised animals and abnormal animal behaviors

6. Work within a group to conceptualize, plan, construct and manage environments that promote healthy of fishes and invertebrates.