Conflict Resolution/Grievance Procedure

Conflict Resolution/Grievance Procedure
I. Purpose
When there is a difference of opinion regarding college
procedures, policies, decisions, values, or treatment, students at
OCCC are encouraged to seek resolution with the individual the
conflict exists with, or his/her supervisor. If the conflict is with a
service area of the College, resolution should first be sought in that
This grievance procedure has been established to provide
individuals or groups of students the opportunity to challenge
decisions and/ or actions taken by faculty, staff, or other students
which they feel are in violation of their rights. Students with a
grievance shall follow the process as outlined below.
II. Grievance Procedure
Grievance issues should be resolved in a timely manner. In order
to assure this, time restrictions are a part of each step. If a student
grievant misses a deadline, the process is considered to be
terminated. If college personnel fail to meet a deadline, the
grievance is forwarded automatically to the President for
resolution. The time lines can be extended by mutual agreement
between the involved parties at any time.

Time lines start when written materials are submitted to the Dean
of Students’ Office. Under Step 2 below, to insure that grievance
materials reach the appropriate office in a timely fashion, students
shall file their grievances with the Dean of Students’ Office. This
office is responsible for noting when the grievance is filed and for
sending copies to the appropriate parties.
Step 1: Informal Grievance Procedures for Conflict Resolution
with Students/Faculty/Staff Members
a. It is recommended that the student discuss the problem with the
faculty, staff member, or student directly involved within ten
(10) calendar days of the event’s occurrence.
b. If the student chooses not to discuss the problem with the other
party, or the problem is not resolved during the discussion, the
student should meet with an advisor for further discussion
and, if desired by the student, to begin formal grievance
Step 2: Formal Grievance Procedures
a. If the problem cannot be resolved informally, as described in
Step1 above, the student may file a college Grievance Form.
Grievance Forms are available at OCCC Student Services
counter and all other OCCC centers. These completed forms
must be turned in to the Dean of Students’ Office within seven
(7) working days of meeting with an Advisor. Time lines
commence at the time of the meeting with the Advisor.
b. Within seven (7) working days of receipt of the formal written
grievance form, the Dean of Students will contact all involved
parties and attempt to clarify the complaint and assist the
parties to reach a solution that is mutually acceptable to all
parties. The resolution will be provided in writing to the
involved parties.
c. The Dean of Students shall issue a written decision to all parties
involved within 14 working days of receipt of the student’s
Step 3: Appeal of Dean of Students’ Decision
a. If the student does not accept the decision of the Dean of Students,
the student may submit a written appeal to the President within
seven (7) working days of receipt of the decision of theDean of
1. The student must present all evidence in writing,
including a copy of the original grievance form and
previous decisions in the matter reached at lower levels of
the process.
2. The student must also submit a written statement which
explains why the decision of the Dean of Students was
unsatisfactory, and which thoroughly describes a
specific, requested remedy to the grievance.
b. Within seven (7) working days of receipt of the appeal fromthe
student, the President shall meet with the student regarding the
student’s grievance and:
1. make a summary decision; or
2. remand the issue to the College Appeals Committee.
Step 4: College Appeals Committee
At the President’s discretion, the issues may be remanded to the
College Appeals Committee. The Committee will review thefacts
of the issue and make a recommended decision for thePresident’s
review and approval. The College Appeals Committee shall
consist of the following people: two (2) staff members selected by
the President; two (2) students selected by the Associated Student
Government of OCCC; and two (2) persons representing faculty
designated by the College.
Step 5: Final Decision
At the conclusion of Step 3 or Step 4 above, as determined by the
discretion of the President, the President shall issue a written
decision on the grievance to all parties involved within seven (7)
working days of the meeting with the student. The decision of the
President is final and not subject to further appeal.

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