OCCC Board of Education: Agendas and Minutes

On this page you’ll find the current calendar year’s OCCC Board of Education Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes. Below are links to past years’ agendas and minutes. Find copies of the President’s Reports presented at Board of Education meetings here.

BOE 2019-2020 Calendar

BOE 2018-2019 Calendar

Past Years’ OCCC Board of Education Agendas & Minutes

2017 Board of Education Agendas and Minutes
2016 Board of Education Agendas and Minutes
2015 Board of Education Agendas and Minutes
2014 Board of Education Agendas and Minutes


June 17, 2020 6:00pm
Budget Hearing and Regular Business Meeting
via Zoom (see agenda for information)
Agenda OCCC BOE June 2020 A.c. Minutes_May 2020

E.a FY 20-21 Approved Budget

E.b. First Read BP-3440

E.d. Reopening Framework

F. a-c Annual Approvals and Budget Resolutions

May 20, 2020 6:00pm
Budget Committee Meeting
Regular Business Meetingvia Zoom (see agenda for information)
Budget Meeting Agenda

Business Meeting Agenda

Budget Calendar & Development Process

Oregon Budget Process

New Updated 2019 Budget Committee Fiscal Presentation BR 2

President’s Budget Message_Proposed Budget 20_21

A.c. Minutes April 2020

President’s Report 05202020

E. a. Develop BOE meeting Calendar 20-21

C. b. FY 20 March Financials – Final



May 1, 2020 – 1pm
Compensation Committee Meeting
via Zoom
Join Zoom Meeting
April 24, 2020 – 3:30pm
Compensation Committee Meeting
via Zoom
Join Zoom Meeting
April 15, 2020 6:00pm
via Zoom
+1669-900-6833 Meeting ID#865 551 6392
Business Mtg.
Agenda 4_2020 Approved April 2020 Minutes_BR A.c. March 2020 Meeting Minutes

C.c. ERP Presentation April 2020 v2

C.c. ERP Timeline April 2020 v2

E.a. 2020 OCCC Budget Committee

E.c. First Read_2020-21 Academic Calendar

E.d. First Read_Curriculum Deletion

E.e. First Read_OCCC 403(b) Plan

F.a. Tuition & Technology Fee Increase Resolution 2020-21

Board Actions Needed Memo 041520

City of Newport Communication_ FW_ Business Relief Fund

March 18, 2020 6:00pm
via Zoom
https://oregoncoast.zoom.us/j/8655516392+1669-900-6833 Meeting ID#865 551 6392
Business Mtg.
Agenda 3_2020_Update Approved March-2020-Meeting-Minutes A. c Minutes Feb 2020

E. a Budget Calendar 2020-21

E. a Budget Development Process

G. a Form Emergency COVID 19 Resolution BR

February 19, 2020 6:00pm
Central County Campus Rm 140
400 SE College Way, Newport
Business Mtg.
Agenda 2_2020 Approved Minutes-Feb-2020 A.c. Minutes Jan 2020

C.b. Communication to the Governing Body_YrEnd2019

C.b. Management Letter _YrEnd2019

President Update CoCo 2-14-2020


Carlson Board Resolution

January 15, 2020 6:00pm
Central County Campus Rm 249
400 SE College Way, Newport
Business Mtg.
Jan 2020 BOE Agenda Final Approved Minutes Jan 2020 A.c. BOE Minutes Dec 18 2019

C.c. FY 20 Nov Financials – Final

E. a. WERC_BOE_011520_v3

F.a. Jan2020_BP3430-6802

F. b. Resolution: 2020-01-01 Waldport Property

Dec. 18, 2019
Central County Campus
400 SE College Way, Newport
Business Mtg.
Dec 2019 BOE Agenda Approved Minutes Dec 18 2019 A.c. BOE Minutes Nov 13 2019

C.c. FY 19 Jun Financials – Final

E.a. BP First Read_Dec 2019

Nov. 13, 2019
North County Ctr.
3788 SE High School Drive, Lincoln City
Business Mtg.
Agenda Nov 13, 2019 Approved Minutes Nov 18 2019 A.c. Minutes 2019-09-18 BOE

A.c. Minutes 2019-10-23 BOE

F.a. 1_2 BOE 19-20 goals & President 19-21 goals

F.b. BP Chapter-5-Student-Services

October 23, 2019
Newport Campus
Business Mtg.
Agenda Oct 23, 2019 APPROVED Minutes Oct 23 2019 A.c. Minutes 2019-09-18 BOE

E.b. Chapter-5-Student-Services-First Read October 2019

Sept. 24, 2019
5:15-7:15 pm
1212 NE Fogarty
Newport, OR
OCCC_LCSD 9.24.19 Agenda
Sept. 18, 2019
6:00 pm
Newport Campus
Business Meeting
Agenda_Sept 18 2019 APPROVED Minutes 2019-09-18 BOE A.c. BOE Minutes 2019-07-24

2019-20 All Comm College Cost of Attendance Comparison

F.a. BP_Chapter Three General Institution

F.b. BP 6900 Revision

August 2019    NO MEETING
July 24, 2019
6:00 pm
South County Center, Waldport
Business Meeting
Agenda July 2019 Approved Minutes 2019-07-24 A. c. Minutes 2019-06-19 BOE

E.c. Purchasing Requirements Exception

E.d. First Read BP Chapter 3000
E.e. MTC Compensation & Benefits
E. f. BOE BP2715 Code of Ethics Statement

2019 OCCA End of Session Report FINAL

June 19, 2019
6:00 pm
North County Center
Room 208
Budget Hearing
and Business Meeting
Agenda_June 2019 Minutes 2019-06-19 BOE  Minutes 2019-05-15 Budget Committee
Minutes 2019-05-15 BOE
OCCC 19-20 Budget-Approved
SelfEval Score Sheet BOE
Annual Approvals 2019
Calendar BOE 19_20 _June2019
Budget Resolution 2019-02
Budget Resolution 2019-03
BP 302
BP 4040
Rescind BP 300PERS reform SB 1049
May 15
Central County Campus
Budget & Business  Meeting
Budget Meeting Agenda May 2019

May 2019 BOE Agenda

19-20 Approved Budget

approved Minutes 2019-05-15 BOE

Minutes 2019-05-15 Budget Committee

Budget Calendar 2019-20
Oregon Budget Process
19-20 Budget – Proposed
 A.c. BOE Minutes April 2019
C.c. FY 19 Mar Financials-Final
E.a. Board Policy 302
E.b. BP 4040 Library and Learning Support Services
E.c. 2019-2020 BOE Draft Calendar
E.d. Rescind BP 300
April 17
Central County Campus
Business  Meeting
April 17, 2019 Agenda Resolution 2019-01

Approved 2019_20 Dates for Academic Calendar

Approved April 2019 Minutes

 A. c. BOE Minutes Mar 2019

E. a. HB 2864 – Cultural Competency

F. a. 2019_20 Dates for Academic Calendar

F. b. Budget Resolution 2019-01 Tuition Increase

March 20th
County Campus
Business  Meeting
March 20 2019 Agenda  Approved BOE Minutes Mar 2019  A.c. Minutes Feb 2019

E.a. Budget Development Process

F.a. Board Policy Chapter 6_Fiscal Affairs

February 20th
Rescheduled from Feb 27th
Central Campus
Business  Meeting
Agenda, February 20, 2019 OCCC BOE  Minutes Feb 2019_Approved A.c. Minutes Jan 2019

C.d. FY 19 Dec Financials-Final

E.a. Board Policy Review Chp 6 First Read 2_2019

F.a. 2 OCCC_OR Budget Resolution

F.b. 2019 CBA Memo

January 16th
Central Campus
Business  Meeting
 Jan 2019 BOE Agenda  Approved January 2019 Minutes  A.c. December 12 2019 Minutes

E. b. Nov 19 Financials-Final

E. b. Fiscal Memo

E.b. Copy of Budget Structural vs Actual

F.a. Chapter Two_New Policies for adoption

President’s Presentation

December 12
Central Campus
Business  Meeting
 Dec 2018 BOE Agenda  Approved Dec2018_ Minutes  A.c. BOE Minutes Nov 2018

E. a. Chapter Two_New Policies Presented December

November 28
North County Campus
Business  Meeting
 Agenda Nov 28 2018 Approved Minutes Nov 2018  A. c. Minutes October 17, 2018

2018.11.28 BOE Presentation — Lincoln City Credit Offerings

First Read Revised Board Policy Chap 1 and 2

October 17
Central County Campus
Business  Meeting
Agenda Oct 17, 2018  Approved Minutes Oct 17 2018  A.c. September 2018 Minutes

President’s Report October 2018

September 19, 2018
Central County Campus
Business  Meeting
Agenda Sept 19 2018  Approved_September 2018 Minutes  A. c. Minutes Aug 15 2018

President’s Report Summer 2018

August 15, 2018
South County Campus
Business  Meeting
Agenda August 15 2018  Approved Aug 2018 minutes  A.c. Minutes June 20 2018
June 20, 2018
North County Campus
Budget Hearing
Business  Meeting
 June 2018 Agenda  Approved minutes June 2018  A. c. 1. 2018-05-23 Budget Committee Meeting Minutes
A. c. 2. May 23, 2018 BOE Minutes
C. b. FY 18 Apr Financials-FinalE. b. 2018-19 BOE Proposed Calendar
F. a. Annual Approvals 2018
F. d. Campus Management Contract Memo
F. e. Core Theme Sub-objectives, Metrics and Thresholds
May 16th, 2018
Newport Campus
Business Meeting & Budget Discussion
Budget Committee Agenda

BOE Meeting Agenda

 May 2018 Budget Minutes

May 2018 BOE Minutes

18-19 Budget Calendar
Budget Committee Orientation
FY 18-19 Budget Assumptions
President’s Budget Message
18-19 Proposed Budget
A.c. BOE Min April_2018
C.a. NWCCU 05_02_2018
D.b. FY 18 Mar Financials-Final
F.b Board Policy Update First Read 05162018
April 18, 2018
Newport Campus
Business Meeting
April 2018 Agenda  Approved Minutes A.c. 3.21.18 BOE Minutes

E. b. FY 18 Feb Financials-Final

H.a. 2018 19 draft academic calendar

March 21, 2018
North County Campus
Business Meeting
March 2018 Agenda Approved Minutes A.c. BOE Min Feb_2018
C. b. FY 18 Jan Financials-Final
E.a. Board Preparation for our Candidacy Visit
E. b. NWCCU Schedule
E.c. Educational Services Migration Plan
E.d. Mission Fullment Scorecards
F.a. Student Tuition Increase
F.b. Proposed Revised Board Policy 660 (Tuition and Fees)
February 28, 2018
Newport Campus
Business Meeting
February 2018 Agenda Approved Minutes A.c. Jan 17 2018 OCCC BOE Minutes
C.a. Communication to Govern Body
C.c. Management Ltr
D.c. Board Report-Analysis of Prior 3 Yrs
E.c. OCCC and OCCC Foundation Agreement (Draft)
F.a.Tuition Increase Recommendation
F.d. Memo to OCCC BOE for ECE AAS
G.b. New BP 301
January 17, 2018
Newport Campus
Business Meeting
January 2018 Agenda Approved Minutes A.c.-Dec-2017-Minutes
C.b. FY 18 Nov Financials
C.c. February Budget Ask Packet
E.a. Board Presentation on Tuition
E.c. Nondiscrimination Assurances
E.e. OCR Checklist
Resolution 18-01-02 Early Childhood Education

19-20 Approved Budget

Oregon Coast Community College