OCCC Board of Education: Agendas and Minutes

On this page you’ll find the current calendar year’s OCCC Board of Education Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes. At the bottom of the page are links to past years’ calendars, agendas and minutes. Find copies of past President’s Reports presented at Board of Education meetings here.  Find the current Board of Education meeting calendar at:
Approved Calendar BOE 22-23 (June 2022)

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May 17, 2023
Budget Committee Meeting



Business meeting to be held immediately after the Budget Committee meeting

May 2023 Budget Committee Meeting Agenda



2023 May BOE Agenda


OR Budget Process 2023
President’s Budget Message FY 23-24
Proposed OCCC Budget FY 23-24
OCCC Budget Calendar and Development Process FY 23-24


A.c. BOE Minutes Apr 2023
C.a. President’s Report May 202
C.b. SBDC – State of the Center
F.d. Biennial Review and Update of Foundation and College Agreement, and Foundation By-Laws (first read)
F.e. Proposed BOE Calendar 2023-24

April 19, 2023 
Business Meeting

April Business Meeting Agenda

Approved BOE Minutes April 2023

A.c. Business Meeting Minutes March 2023

C.a. President’s Report April 2023

C.b. FY 21-22 Audit Results: Conor Delaney, Pauly Rogers & Co.

C.c. FY 21-22 College Financial Report

E.b. First Read: April Board Policy Review Packet

F.b. Reports and Communications to the Board

F.c. College Strategic Plan (2023-2028) Final

F.d. First Read: Proposed South County Center Garden Agreement

G.a. Tuition and Fees 2023-2024 Recommendation

March 15, 2023 
Business Meeting

March Business Meeting Agenda

Approved BOE Minutes March 2023 

A.c. Business Meeting Minutes February 2023

A.d. Joint OCCC & LCSD Board Work Session Minutes February 28, 2023

B.a. NWCCU Commission Letter – OCCC

C.a. President’s Report March 2023

E.b. First Read: Board Policy Review, Chapter 5 – Student Services

F.a. First Read: Tuition and Fees 2023-2024 Recommendation

G.a. Adopt OCCA Board Resolution: 2023 Community College Legislative Priorities

February 28, 2023 
OCCC and LCSD Joint Board Work Session

Work Session Agenda

Approved BOE Work Session Minutes February 28, 2023

B.a. OCCC & LCSD Academic Parterships

B.b. Allied Health Partnerships

B.c. Student Success Partnership

February 15, 2023 
Business Meeting

February Business Meeting Agenda

Approved BOE Minutes February 2023

A.c. Business Minutes January 2023

C.a. President’s Report February 2023

C.b. College Enrollment Update

E.a. First Read Board Policy Review Chapter 2 in entirety

F.c. Adopt Resolution 2023-02-01

January 18, 2023 
Business Meeting

January Business Meeting Agenda

Approved BOE Minutes January 2023 

A.c. Business Minutes November 2022

C.a. President’s Report January 2023

C.b. Bond Resolution Update

E.a. Board Policy Review First Read Chapter 1

E.b. Updated Zone Map and Precincts

E.c. College Strategic Plan 2023-2028: Year 1 Addendum

E.d. First Read: Resolution Calling Measure Election (contract bonded indebtedness)

November 16, 2022 
Business Meeting

November Business Meeting Agenda

Approved BOE Minutes November 2022 

A.c. Business Minutes October 2022

C.a. President’s Report Nov 2022

C.b. Cybersecurity: Malware Protection & Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment

C.c. OCCC Facilities and Safety: Deferred Maintenance and Updates

E.a. Preliminary Inventory: Board Policy

October 19, 2022
Business Meeting

October Business Meeting Agenda 

Approved BOE Minutes October 2022

A.c. Business Minutes September 2022

C.a. President’s Report Oct 2022

C.b. Future Ready Oregon and other grants at OCCC

September 21, 2022
Business Meeting

September  Business Meeting  Agenda

Approved BOE Minutes September 2022

A.d Business Minutes August 2022

F.a Zone Balance Recommendation

September 18, 2022

September  Retreat Agenda

  Retreat Packet 9/18/2022

August 17, 2022
Business Meeting

August Business Meeting Agenda

Approved BOE Minutes August 2022

A.d Business Minutes June 2022

F.b Zone Recommendations 

June 15, 2022
Budget Hearing and Business Meeting

Budget Hearing Agenda

Business Meeting Agenda

Business Minutes June 2022

Budget Hearing 21-22 Supplemental Budget

A.c. Budget & Business Minutes May 2022

D.a. FY 22 Apr Financials-Final
D.b. President June 2022 BOE Update

E.a. Foundation Update June 2022

F.d. Draft Strategic Objectives

G.a & G.b Budget Resolutions

G.c. Calendar BOE 22-23 (June2022)

May 18, 2022
Budget Committee  Meeting



Business meeting to be held immediately after the Budget Committee meeting

May 2022 Budget Committee Meeting Agenda



2022 May BOE Agenda


Approved Budget Meeting Minutes May 2022



Approved Minutes May 2022

Budget Committee 2022
OR Budget Process 2022
FY 22-23 Proposed Budget & President’s Message
OCCC Budget Development Process 22-23
OCCC Budget Calendar 2022-23(v2)


A.c. BOE Minutes Apr 2022
B.a. NWCCU May2022 Correspondence
E.b. draft Calendar BOE 22-23 (May2022)
E.d. Baker, Alison-Zone 6

April 20, 2022
Business Meeting

2022 April BOE Agenda

Exec Session April 2022 BOE Agenda

Approved Minutes Apr 2022

A.c. BOEMinutes Mar 2022
C.a. President Report
E.a. zone 6 Johnson, Jerome

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
Business Meeting

2022 Mar BOE Agenda Approved BOEMinutes Mar 2022

A.c. BOEMinutes Feb 2022

C.d. Budget Committee 2022

D.a. Nursing & Allied Health Report

D.c. FY 21 Jun Financials-Final

D.d President Report March

Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Business Meeting
2022 Feb BOE Agenda Approved BOE Minutes Feb 2022

A.c. BOE Minutes January 2022

C.b. President Report February 2022
E.a. Board Handout-Tuition and Fees Feb 2022

E.b. 2022-23 Budget Calendar

F.a. Oregon Savings Growth Plan, the Plan Trust

Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Business Meeting
Virtual Meeting Only see agenda for meeting information
2022 Jan BOE Agenda Approved BOE Minutes Jan 2022

A.c. BOE Minutes Dec 2021

E.a. 1st Read OR Saving Growth Plan

OSGP Plan Trust Declaration

OSGP Resolution for Inclusion


BOE 20-21 Meeting Dates
BOE 2019-2020 Calendar
BOE 2018-2019 Calendar

Previous Years’ OCCC Board of Education Agendas & Minutes

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